How To Eat Healthy on the Road

Aug 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

Eating on the road is far more challenging than trying to figure out how to attack the 2-3 zone. Especially when you are a health conscious vegetarian. My goal with this post is to highlight the possibilities of how you can eat healthy while travelling as a coach. Since I will be spending a lot of time on the road

Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart

Aug 05, 2015
Chris Oliver

Some Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart To Get You Started To achieve success, you need to get your team on the same page that you are on. Keep yourself in check, make sure you do what is in the best interest of team success. Don’t try to be a basketball genius, keep your plan simple, focus on execution. Read and be

Warning: I Don’t Like the Zig Zag Drill

Jul 21, 2015
Chris Oliver

I don’t like the Zig Zag Drill because it represents nothing about how the game is played. Far too many people still teach the game of basketball the way it was played in the past. The Zig Zag Drill is an example of that thinking. Traditional Zig Zag Drill I learn much of what I teach by watching my players and

Why I am Taking the Year Off from the Job I Love

Jul 01, 2015
Chris Oliver

I am taking a sabbatical. I am taking a year off from coaching. Instead I am going to travel around the world with my family. I am going to spend the seven months of the season living differently. This may seem to be a strange decision. I know it has been interpreted many ways by different people I have told.

One Day Brantford Coaching Clinic Notes

Jun 24, 2015
Chris Oliver

I did a one day clinic in Brantford, Ontario that covered a variety of topics. I wanted to share my notes with you. I have included s a video from that clinic as well. It demonstrates a 5-on-5 Chase Drill that reveals how I use questions to get players to think and respond. All the other videos from the clinic can be found in

Make Your Practices More Game Like – A Summary

Jun 10, 2015
Chris Oliver

Using a games sense approach to coaching basketball is a consistent theme of Basketball Immersion and can help you make your practices more game like. Player-centred coaching remains a novel approach for many. An autocratic style of instruction still dominates basketball coaching at all levels of the game. A games sense approach attempts to draw players into the decision-making process and provide input into the

Transition Defense

Defensive Transition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About

May 29, 2015
Chris Oliver

I originally started writing this blog as a summary of a FIBA Coaching Library video on Defensive Transition by Andrej Lemanis. Coach Lemanis is the Australian national team coach and the video is excellent. I have summarized his drills and teaching points in this blog but I also wanted to add more detail on the topic of transition defense, which

coaching evaluation

Tom Thibodeau, Coaching Evaluations and A Blueprint for Coach Improvement

May 21, 2015
Chris Oliver

In reading the reports that Tom Thibodeau and the Chicago Bulls are possibly breaking up their relationship, it brought to mind my experiences with coach evaluations. The NBA level is unique when it comes to coaching evaluation. In the NBA the coaching evaluation is largely about winning. This is probably true of NCAA D1 athletics too. People can say what they want

Do You Believe You Will Win A Championship Every Year?

May 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

Hello Coach Oliver. Do you come into every season, every year, whole-heartedly thinking you will in a championship? If so, do you ever have doubts throughout the season? If you would share your thoughts that would be great. I am only seeking insight and understanding. Regards, David The easy answer is yes, I believe we will win a championship every

A Summary of How to Teach Shooting with Holger Geschwinder

May 10, 2015
Chris Oliver

To save you time, here is my summary of Are You Sure We Teach the Shooting by Holger Geschwindner, so you can watch the specific things that I feel are the most relevant. Gerschwinder is a mentor and shooting coach of Dirk Nowitzki. Here is an older video of him working with Dirk (Video). Lay-ups He started with lay-ups and an emphasis on