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Our consulting programs are delivered over varying timescales, from one-off visits to season-long interactions


Professional Teams

Through a combination of in-person visits and remote interactions we offer assistance in many areas. This includes sharing skill acquisition ideas, as well as modern practice design concepts and reviewing style of play principles. Making sense of skill acquisition ideas is our speciality, helping organizations apply concepts which offer them a huge competitive advantage.

During visits or online sessions, we focus on providing practical on-court insights which can best impact each program. Interactive presentations and reflective tasks are presented on any topic, covering almost any topic from shooting to player development to scouting. Each program receives daily access to Chris Oliver and Alex Sarama via text message.


Professional Player

For players wanting an immersion in evidence-based training ideas, off-season and pre-draft development programmes are now being offered by Basketball Immersion. This is a great option for agents seeking a cutting edge training program for their clients, or coaches wanting to trust our evidence-informed training methods.

Included in our training offer is the creation of individualized PDPs (player development plans) for each player, as well as practical ideas and applications for players to keep practicing with our methods during the regular season. Basketball Immersion’s strength is the ability to link each player’s development program specifically to their role and usage within the style of play concepts adopted by their professional team.


Individual Coach
Development Plans

Ultimately, coaches need coaches too. Our ongoing online support is designed to help make coaches even more effective with how they coach. This includes regular calls one to one with Chris and Alex, with the creation of a coach development plan for each participating coach.

The conversation topic of each call is tailored completely to every client, covering a number of areas such as using the Constraint-Led Approach, improving offensive and defensive efficiency, player development ideas, improving shooting adaptability, using video, managing assistant coaches, team culture and so much more!


Federation Coach

Federations can work directly with Basketball Immersion to streamline their coach education processes, ensuring their coaches get access to the modern material based on evidence-based ideas. For instance, the Swedish Basketball Federation used Basketball Immersion to unveil their new player and coach development framework.

The Bavarian and Berlin Basketball Federations have gone one step further by outsourcing all their Level 1 and Level 2 coach education licenses through a Basketball Immersion hosted platform. These Federations and Basketball Immersion worked together to create a unique portal accessible in the German language using Immersion coach education material.

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