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Youth Basketball


  1. Pressure
  2. Zone Defense
  3. Best Player Isolation
  4. Shooting Challenges

Beyond the psych-social and maturational development experiences of a young person, these these four factors are the most important youth basketball development concepts because if a coach wanted to win at the youth level, they would press, play zone and isolate my best player.

So the best way to develop a youth player to experience success and increase their long term participation is to prepare them to handle these four factors. 

We have created two full courses to address youth coaching concepts.

  1. Philosophies for Youth Coaching
  2. Youth Basketball Coaching

The first course Philosophies for Youth Coaching focuses on the art and science of coaching young athletes. Young athletes are physically developing, from early childhood to late adolescence. This means they have different capabilities for, and adaptations to, exercise. It also means a coach should have a good understanding of psych-social and maturational development concepts.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Grit, Effort and Optimal Challenge
  • Questions, Pauses and Teachers that Scare You
  • Hard Coaching, Curiosity and Sharing Passion
  • Manage Parent Expectations
  • Fundamentals to Create a Great
  • Experience for the Coach and the Players

The second course Youth Basketball Coaching will present ideas on improving youth basketball using education-based, evidence-informed ideas and with a focus on solution-based coaching around four factors that impact youth basketball development. For a broad coverage of the topic we consider youth players primarily in the prepubescent age group. We understand that this is a broad inclusive age group.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Solution Based Approach
  • Evidence-Based and Education-Based Coaching
  • Youth Basketball Players and Individual Development
  • Shooting and Youth Basketball Development
  • Categories of Youth Basketball Development