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A Basketball Immersion Camp features 2-days of fully customized learning for your players and coaches to ensure developmentally appropriate challenges and opportunities for players of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to stimulate learning for long term retention and application of the ideas we share for cohesive learning throughout your entire program.

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Why bring Basketball Immersion in for a 2-day camp?

Basketball Immersion has stimulated coaching and player development around the world. The benefits of a zero seconds basketball decision training camp will positively impact your players and coaches for years to come.

Coach Chris Oliver has spent over 20 years coaching at the collegiate level, has coached internationally, and been a consultant for NBA, NCAA and Sport Organizations around the world. He has shared his ideas at coaching clinics including Coaching U, Sweden SuperClinic, Rising Coaches, Tasman Clinic Australia, the Florida Clinic and more. He has been developing skill acquisition and evidence based decision training methods. He has coached thousands of games and practices where he has experimented and perfected Basketball Decision Training (BDT™) and has evolved a Games Approach to coaching. 

These ideas have shaped his training and coaching concepts, which have allowed him to help many coaches and players improve through the application of game-like drills and tactics that transfer better into games.

Uses Basketball Immersion

Camp Player Development Philosophy

To teach drills and skills that will help your players make better decisions in a game.

In this camp you will improve your overall skills and ball mastery — however a big emphasis of the camp will be “decision making”…

Players will learn when to pass, when to shoot, when to dribble, when to drive, angles to take, how to be more aggressive, and more.

What We Cover at Camp

This Basketball Immersion Camp Will

  • Train the mind of players to make faster decisions within the practice environment.
  • Improve the ability to think and act in decisive ways.
  • Develop a confident attacking mindset.
  • Learn how to train your mind not just physical skills.
  • Improve your motivation for training through the use of rhythm.
  • Identification, cause and correction of the most common fundamental errors.
  • Knowledge of the skills necessary to catch, shoot, dribble and attack on offense.
  • Game-like understanding of the application of perimeter offensive skills.

Proven Immersion Camp Methods

These camp methods have been tried and tested for over twenty years. This camp will provide players with the drills and skills to continue their development beyond their time at camp. Players will learn by doing. Players will be taught to consistently and deliberately work to improve their performance, and in the process see:

  • Increases in motivation.
  • Stimulation of creativity.
  • Development of an awareness of basketball rhythm.
  • Repetition of all the fundamentals without getting bored.
  • Work is done with effortless concentration.
  • Development and refinement of basketball skills at game speed.
  • Awareness of the continual possibility of improvement.

Camp Cost

*Additional costs for travel expenses may be added.

*A deposit is required to confirm camp dates.

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