How to Use Our Concepts to Teach Your 3rd Graders How to Play Basketball

Apr 20, 2015
Chris Oliver

I signed up for your website and I really like your concepts. They do make sense to me, but I wonder how your concepts apply to the age group that I coach. I coach 3rd graders (8-9 year olds).  I wonder how your concepts translate for a 3rd grader? Do you still teach youth players to think “shot on the catch”? I

Three Ideas to Increase and Maintain Intensity at Practice

Apr 06, 2015
Chris Oliver

A goal of this blog is to provide specific and practical insights into current coaching dilemmas.  By no means do I have all the answers and sometimes you may even disagree with my approach. When I was a young coach I remember learning as much about what I would not do as much as I learned what I would do.  One of the first

A Summary of Developing Players’ Decision Making by Allison McNeill

Apr 06, 2015
Chris Oliver

“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” – Charlie Munger   I know sometimes it is difficult to find the time to search for great content. It is even more difficult to invest the time to watch everything you find. One of the advantages of being a full-time basketball coach is that

Start Here: What is Zero Seconds and Basketball Decision Training?

Apr 04, 2015
Chris Oliver

The two main concepts of Basketball Immersion are Zero Seconds Skills Training and Basketball Decision Training. It is important that I define both terms and explain why the concepts are important. Put simply, Zero Seconds is skills training, and Basketball Decision Training (BDT) is mind training. WHAT IS POSSIBLE? ZERO SECONDS Zero Seconds Skills Training is focused on improving ball