Why attend an Immersion Academy?

Many coaches explain they don’t have enough depth
of understanding to apply Basketball Immersion
ideas. Attending an Immersion Academy is the
solution for this…


This is your chance to:

  • Immerse yourself in the evidence-informed ideas that we share
  • Learn player development and team development concepts using small-sided games
  • Develop an understanding of how to enhance creativity and decision-making instead of using blocked, repetitive drills
Our Immersion Coach Academies are typically delivered over one or
two days, featuring teaching from Basketball Immersion and a
number of guest coaches.

These sessions will compliment, add to, and heighten your immersive
learning experience.
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Here is a sample of four sessions delivered at an Academy:

  • Basketball decision training (BDT) shooting, and other skill-based player development strategies
  • Advantage and disadvantage small-sided games to develop offensive and defensive decision-making
  • How to manipulate constraints within small-sided games to lead to various skills and solutions emerging
  • Playing with offense vs. defense, rather than on-air (without defense) drills
  • Going beyond using blocked, constant drills to ensure player satisfaction and enjoyment

Basketball Immersion has stimulated coaching
and player development around the world

The benefits of a Basketball Immersion Academy will positively
impact your players and coaching for years to come.
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Youth, collegiate and pro teams from all around the world use our services. Each of these organizations and teams are members of Basketball Immersion.

Player development, and team development concepts, that focus on game based skill and decision-making have been incorporated into each team’s overall philosophy.

Additional users of Basketball Immersion include professional, WNBA, NBA, collegiate, high school and youth development coaches from all around the world.


What do coaches have to say

about the Immersion Coach Academy?

Zico Coronel
head coach

Wellington Saints, New Zealand NBL

What Coach Chris Oliver and Basketball Immersion offers is a rare commodity - a paradigm shifting innovation that will stimulate your thought and transform your coaching, but is also solidly founded in scientific research. If you’re wishing to...

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Koko Heru

Knights Indonesia

One of the best experiences in my coaching career was learning directly from Coach Oliver in an immersive experience. I learned invaluable lessons about decision-training, games approach to coaching, preparation, planning, and so much more.

Lucas Widger
oach Jamestown (PA)

High School

Whether I'm looking for a new mixed drill, small-sided game, decision-making drill or offensive concept, Coach Oliver always has exactly what I'm looking for to improve my practices which translates to success in games.

Nate Oats
head coach

University of Alabama

I’m constantly checking the Basketball Immersion website and social media accounts for fresh ideas I can implement with my team. It’s an invaluable resource for me throughout the year.

Dusty May
head coach Men’s Basketball

Florida Atlantic University

You inspire some thought almost every single day.. really excited to keep learning from you.

Brendan Suhr
2-time NBA champion Detroit Pistons assistant coach

President/Founder Coaching U

Chris Oliver is a star in the coaching profession . . [his] unique style and ability to communicate is uncanny. The drills he uses are the BEST I’ve seen on the subject in the last 25 years.

Bill Wuczynski
NCAA D1 College Coach

I rave about you and what you’ve done.. In an era where guys kind of don’t share anymore, I love everything you’re doing.

Amanda Butler
head coach Women’s Basketball

Clemson University

I admire the way you pursue learning.. you have great things to share.

Josh Schertz
Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Indiana State University

Chris is a divergent thinker that wants to help coaches grow. It’s a very unique set of characteristics.

What to Expect at a Coach Academy
Perceptual Lay-Ups at Immersion Coach Academy


Come dressed to participate. Far more than just lectures, our academies are
interactive workshops which improve your ability and advance your coaching.

We deliver our academy
sessions in an interactive
format to help you learn
more effectively

active participation, questioning and answering, debrief
sessions and much more help our coaches to better retain the
topics that we share

Topics Include:
  • Using a Constraint-Led Approach to Coaching
  • Basketball Decision Training
  • Zero Seconds Skills Training
  • Transfer to Competition
  • Small-Sided Games
  • Time-on-Task
  • Embracing variability
  • Feedback Delivery Patterns
  • Messy Learning
  • Athlete Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Optimal and Appropriate Challenge

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