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PALM DESERT – Basketball Immersion today announced a new partnership with three organizations in New Zealand to share the game: Franklin Bulls, Franklin Basketball Association and Swoosh Training. Effective immediately, the partnership will see Alex Sarama join these organizations as a consultant with a focus on player development and coach education during the 2021/22 season.

The Bulls are a professional team participating in the New Zealand National Basketball League. The Franklin Association are responsible for all basketball development within the Franklin region of New Zealand. Swoosh Training is a leading private basketball company operating within the Taranaki region.

NZ Bulls Head Coach Jamie Reddish (right) with Assistant Coach Morgan Maskell (left)

These organizations have been part of the Immersion community for a number of years, with Swoosh Training & Franklin Basketball hosting Chris Oliver in 2019 on the Immersion Tour of New Zealand. This partnership will deepen the relationship between all parties even further.

“I am thrilled to work together with the Bulls, Franklin Association, and Swoosh Training to elevate the standard of basketball within the Franklin and Taranaki communities” said Alex Sarama. “I cannot wait to start delivering based on the clear strategic plan these organizations have in-place, as well as making a visit out to New Zealand in the future.”

Bulls General Manager Scott Kelso commented: “We always want to be considering how we develop our players and coaches at every level. Having had Chris Oliver down to Franklin at our Franklin Bulls camp in the past, we know that this partnership will elevate what we can offer to our community. Alex will bring something new, different, and high level which is well-regarded on the global stage. We are excited to add B.I. to the Bulls family!”  

Jamie Reddish, GM of the Franklin Basketball Association, is equally excited about the partnership: “We are always looking for ways to develop our basketball community. Basketball Immersion is a world leader in coach/player development with their evidence based methods, games approach to learning & more. This partnership will benefit our entire Association we are excited to get started.”

Joe Reddish and Sam Funnell of Swoosh Training

Basketball Immersion Founder Chris Oliver toured New Zealand in 2019, where he ran several clinics including one with Joe Reddish and Sam Funnell at Swoosh Training. As part of this partnership, Immersion will build on many of the ideas shared from Oliver’s initial visit. Coach education sessions will be conducted online by Alex Sarama, in addition to reflective tasks and one in-person visit to bring Immersion concepts to life. 

Joe Reddish, Owner of Swoosh, commented “We have been B.I. members since late 2018 & were lucky enough to host & follow Chris when he toured NZ in 2019. Sam is also a part of the B.I internship program which is an amazing opportunity and something benefiting our entire organisation. We are excited to further develop our relationship with the B.I team alongside our good friends from the Franklin community.” 

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