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Game Coach

Become a Better Basketball Game Coach by Doing Thi...

May 31, 2019
Chris Oliver

How do we, as coaches, work on our “game” to improve as a game coach? The easy answer is to coach more games. The second answer is to run more practices where players practice like they are in a game.

Game Day Card

Basketball Game Coaching: What’s on Your Gam...

Apr 25, 2019
Chris Oliver

Ever since Stan Van Gundy explained his game day pocket card on the Basketball Podcast I have gotten asked for more ideas. I decided to ask a cross section of coaches to give you some ideas to stimulate the creation

Build Up Shooting Drills

Basketball Decision Training Build Up Shooting Dri...

Mar 19, 2019
Chris Oliver

Build up drills are drills that develop gradually by increments. One drill leads to the next in a progression. Build up drills are great for initial learning, and to get a consistent high number repetitions. The danger with build up

Matt Woodley

Matt Woodley Basketball Defense Drills

Feb 15, 2019
Chris Oliver

One of the best defensive coaches in basketball, Matt Woodley provides teaching points and video examples of basketball defense drills he uses to teach the pack line basketball defense. Defensive Mindset: Must have growth mindset. No direct drives/no straight line

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Wide Offense MasterClass

Quick Ups and 21 Position Mast...

Basketball Immersion Members Only MasterClass

Jun 26, 2019

The Basketball Podcast: EP61 C...

In this week’s basketball coaching

Jun 26, 2019
Wide Offense MasterClass

Wide Offense MasterClass

Basketball Immersion Members Only MasterClass

Jun 19, 2019

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In this week’s basketball coaching

Jun 19, 2019
Wide Layup Teaching

Wide Layups

A Wide Layup is a

Jun 16, 2019

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