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We have presented in countries all over the world, including Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, United States and more. Some of the leading coaching clinic events in the world have hosted Chris Oliver including Coaching U, Pure Sweat, Tasman Clinic, Florida Clinic, the Manitoba Clinic and more.


Basketball Immersion have had a presence at the following coaching clinics:

  • Coaching ULive
  • Florida Clinic
  • Basketball Australia Tasman Clinic
  • Basketball Manitoba Super Clinic
  • Pure Sweat Experience
  • Sweden Super Clinic
  • Bavarian Basketball Federation
  • USA Basketball Academy

Numerous Club and Association Clinics (Ohio, Iowa, Omaha, Massachusetts, Best in the West, and more)


Basketball Immersion can deliver a clinic session or presentation on almost any topic or theme

Just some of our presentation titles over the years have included:

  • Basketball Decision Training (BDT)
  • Using a Constraint Led Approach in Basketball
  • Applying Principles of Play
  • The Two Side Break
  • Advanced Basketball Coaching Topics
  • Insights from Around the World
  • Evidence Based Player and Team Development
  • Functional Movement Solutions vs Fundamentals
  • Building a Conceptual Offense
  • Building Conceptual Defense

See examples of Chris Oliver presenting at coaching clinics around the world:

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