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Jen Oliver
Jen Oliver
Jen is the author of the international bestselling book, The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood.

Also Jen is the creator and host of the FitMama Podcast (The Work IN to your Workout).

Jen has a true passion for helping people make a greater impact through sharing their passion, intellectual property and wisdom with the world. Coaches help others constantly and give freely. She can help you create a business using your education, experience and energy that you can share. She can help you clarify your expertise, expand your reach globally and create a business and brand you love.

As a Business Mindset Coach, Podcaster and Speaker, Jen inspires, educates and motivates entrepreneurs around the globe to begin all things with self-love.

She has helped produce six and seven figure launches, and campaigns, for entrepreneurs in a range of businesses.

Through awareness of emotional fitness, self-care and sensual self-love, Jen draws on science and the mind-body data to support women in being their own biggest ally in business, relationships and life. What she is most passionate about is spreading the message that if you love the body and life you have, you will have the body and life you love. Jen shares this message beautifully in her TEDx talk, How to Love Yourself to the Core.

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