Pre­-Game Mental Hacks to Get You and Your Team’s Mind Right

Nov 24, 2015
Chris Oliver

Guest Post by CoachBase Here at Coachbase, we’re big on preparation.  Having been to hundreds of game, we know it’s often as much mental as it is physical.  Here are 5 habits of highly successful youth coaches that will ensure that you and your players will be 100% focused for the big day. Have a set routine (mental and physical)

The Comprehensive Guide to Basketball Decision Training

Nov 09, 2015
Chris Oliver

“In the same sentence a coach told me about his favorite drill, he complained about players not being able to play the game anymore.”   I am happy there is a movement to change the way we approach coaching basketball. It is a small movement but it is gradually gaining steam. The fascinating thing for me to watch over the

A Summary: How to Build a Defensive System

Oct 24, 2015
Chris Oliver

Coach Jim Boylen talks about his defensive system and how to recreate an NBA defense. This defense is what they do at Michigan State and in the NBA. He hopes that after today you’ll be able to take something back to your team and teach your players how to play better defense. As NBA coach, we’re always trying to find

How to Improve Your Baseline Inbound Plays

Sep 24, 2015
Chris Oliver

How much time do you really spend on inbound offense? How many inbound plays on average do you run per game? What is your success rate? Whatever your answers to those questions are we want to give you eleven tips to improve your inbound plays. Set Up Quickly, Except the Inbounder We want the four players on the floor to

How and Why to Create an Email Newsletter

Sep 24, 2015
Chris Oliver

One of the most effective things I have done to connect with my basketball program’s followers is to send an email newsletter. I believe you do everything possible to inform and educate your supporters. With the technology that exists it is as easy as: Choosing an email service. Designing a newsletter template (email services have many to choose from). Deciding what

Press Break Principles Before Teaching Press Break

Sep 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

I am going to use Quick Hitters to respond to questions I have gotten from coaches. I want to help as much as possible with real coaching challenges. QUESTION via @pcortes64: Hey, Coach. You’ve mentioned before that you think kids, especially early in the season, should not use a press break. Rather they should learn principles of how to beat a press and

Post Play: What to Teach and Why We Teach It

Sep 04, 2015
Chris Oliver

  The game slows down when we get the ball into the low post. It is one of two times that we emphasize jabs and fakes. The other time is in a ballscreen. In a ballscreen the game slows down to allow the offensive ballhandler time to set up their defender. This helps the ballhandler to get to the shoulder

How To Eat Healthy on the Road

Aug 15, 2015
Chris Oliver

Eating on the road is far more challenging than trying to figure out how to attack the 2-3 zone. Especially when you are a health conscious vegetarian. My goal with this post is to highlight the possibilities of how you can eat healthy while travelling as a coach. Since I will be spending a lot of time on the road

Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart

Aug 05, 2015
Chris Oliver

Some Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart To Get You Started To achieve success, you need to get your team on the same page that you are on. Keep yourself in check, make sure you do what is in the best interest of team success. Don’t try to be a basketball genius, keep your plan simple, focus on execution. Read and be

Warning: I Don’t Like the Zig Zag Drill

Jul 21, 2015
Chris Oliver

I don’t like the Zig Zag Drill because it represents nothing about how the game is played. Far too many people still teach the game of basketball the way it was played in the past. The Zig Zag Drill is an example of that thinking. Traditional Zig Zag Drill I learn much of what I teach by watching my players and