Basketball Immersion Announces Landmark German Basketball Partnerships

Basketball Immersion Announces German Basketball Partnership

Basketball Immersion is delighted to announce two landmark partnerships to develop a world-leading coach education program with two German Basketball federations.

Through partnerships with the Bayerische Basketball Verband (Bavarian Basketball Federation) and Berliner Basketball Verband (Berlin Basketball Federation), Basketball Immersion will serve as the official coach education partner for both federations. The partnership was formalized on Chris Oliver and Alex Sarama’s recent visit to Germany. The partnership will not only include live events such as coaching clinics, but also the creation of a brand new online portal for German coaches in Bavaria and Berlin.

The online coach education platforms will be powered by Basketball Immersion. Coaches in both regions will be able to access German and English language coaching content as well as courses and videos from the Basketball Immersion membership community. As part of the German coach licensing system, coaches will study material from the platform to gain their licenses and accreditations to coach in German Basketball. This will create one of the most modern coach education programs in the world with accredited German coaches benefiting from modern coach education principles based on the latest trends in the game as well as the research which exists in motor learning and skill acquisition.

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Both Federations share a passion with Basketball Immersion for evidence-based coaching and a number of topics on the portal will be based on ideas focused around coaching with a constraints-led approach. This will be incorporated into numerous Basketball Immersion-designed courses such as how to develop finishing, teaching the two side break, developing ball screen offense and much more.

Chris Oliver, Founder and Creative Mind behind Basketball Immersion commented, “We are pleased to be working hand-in-hand with both Federations to share the game and bring Basketball Immersion concepts to life across Germany. We are delighted to build on the good work already being done in both regions as well as playing a part in the continued development of German Basketball.”

Razvan Munteanu, State Performance Coach of the Bavarian Federation added, “Coach development is one of the areas we have decided to invest most in as a Federation. Our goal is to have a platform where coaches from of all levels in Germany can find useful resources and material to inspire their coaching practice.  The ultimate goal is to develop a coaching community where everybody can contribute their own ideas and continue to share the game. Basketball Immersion is exactly the partner we need to take our coach education to the next level and we are extremely proud to start a long-term partnership.”

Marius Huth, Sports Director of the Berlin Basketball Federation was equally excited about the partnership. “Good coach education is the key for improving the level of basketball in our region. Basketball Immersion regularly provide great online content for coaches, which align perfectly with modern methods of learning and educating. We are on exactly the same page regarding these ideas of player development and how to design effective  practises.”


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