Back Pivot

How to Teach the Back Pivot Basketball Scoring Move

Dec 21, 2017
Chris Oliver

The back pivot is used to create space. Why is this important to understand? The goal of the offense is to score. The easiest way to create an opportunity to score is to create space. The opposite is true for the defense. The defense’s goal is to prevent the offense from scoring. The defense’s best method of preventing this possibility


Oakland University Basketball Practice Notes

Dec 04, 2017
Chris Oliver

Greg Kampe, the long time and highly successful basketball coach of Oakland University, is the third-longest tenured coach in NCAA Division I. Jeff Tungate is in his fifth season at the helm of the Oakland University women’s basketball team. He had previously spent six seasons as associate head coach of the Oakland men’s team. These notes and videos are from each team’s full

Fast Break

How to Run the Modern Basketball Two Side Fast Break

Nov 17, 2017
Chris Oliver

A conversation this summer with Detroit Pistons video coordinator TJ Saint sparked my interest in the two side fast break. According to Coach Saint, 14% of corner three-point shots from four NBA teams he studied (Cleveland, Houston, Boston and Utah) were created out of the transition to the two side via passes out on the fast break. TRADITIONAL TRANSITION SPACING

NBA Basketball Practice

NBA Basketball Practice: Coaching Notes from NBA Training Camps

Oct 25, 2017
Chris Oliver

When NBA training camps started in September I was fortunate to be able to attend a number of practices in person. I attended two practices with the Milwaukee Bucks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and one practice and one pre-training camp workout with the Detroit Pistons. Below are my observations that came from all the NBA basketball practices. There were similarities, differences and

Playing in Spain

6 Ideas to Improve Your Coaching from Playing in Spain

Oct 05, 2017
Chris Oliver

Playing professional basketball in Spain has opened my eyes to new ways of playing and coaching basketball. In this post, I’m going to share six things I learned in playing in Spain that can help you become a better coach. Here we go: 1) Don’t force ball screen actions If a ball screen action doesn’t generate a significant advantage on

Florida Clinic

2017 Florida Basketball Coaches Clinic Notes

Sep 22, 2017
Chris Oliver

The Florida Coaches Clinic takes place every year and is organized by Larry Shyatt. It is hosted at the University of Florida and brings together NBA, NCAA and other coaches to share basketball ideas. These notes were taken and prepared by Mike Robuck and the University of Florida Staff. This year I was grateful to be asked to speak. I

Learn BDT Shooting

Learn How to Use Basketball Decision Training

Aug 28, 2017
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Chris Oliver

Basketball Decision Training has taken root in the NBA, NCAA, FIBA and all levels of youth basketball. I want to help you learn BDT. Learning BDT is as simple as downloading this free video webinar. Why learn BDT? Learn more below about how BDT shooting can help you improve as a player, and better improve your players for competition as

Shooting Practice

Advice from an NBA Shooting Coach: Random vs. Blocked Shooting Practice

Aug 07, 2017
Chris Oliver

There is a great idea out there that coaches need to implement in their shooting practice, but they need to be careful how they are using the idea.  The great idea is using random instead of block shooting practice.  Let me start by giving very simple examples of both so that you understand what I’m talking about.  Block practice is

On Air

Improve Your On Air Basketball Drills

Jul 19, 2017
Chris Oliver

The one simple idea to improve your on air basketball drills is to add defense. This may seem obvious, but too many drills are run on air. On air means there is no opposed defense and therefore no game-like decisions. Running a 3-on-0 breakdown of an offensive action is an example of an on air drill. The opposite in many

How to Inbound vs. Pressure

Basketball Press Break: How to Inbound vs. Full-Court Pressure Defense

Jun 27, 2017
Chris Oliver

I appreciate that there are many ways to do the right thing in coaching basketball. However, when it comes to press break, and more specifically how to inbound the ball vs. full-court man-to-man pressure defense, I do feel there is one wrong way. Passing the ball inbound directly to the ball side corner creates a disadvantage for an offense. I can say