Basketball Super Coaching Clinic

Ideas from the Basketball Super Coaching Clinic

Jan 03, 2017
Chris Oliver

The Canada Basketball Super Clinic brings together top coaches and technical experts to share their ideas on coaching basketball. The clinic covers all aspects of coaching development and these are some of ideas from the super coaching clinic. SPEAKER: MIKE MACKAY Three times in a game defense is in scramble: Transition Offensive rebound Can create double team or rotation Transition Concepts Wanted

culture conversations

How we use Culture Conversations to Shape our Team

Nov 25, 2016
Chris Oliver

  No amount of team talks, workshops and lectures can shape a team more than the daily conversations that shape your team’s culture. Culture conversations are the essence of what it is really like to play on your team. I’ve become convinced that the culture on our team is formed in the conversations that take place every day. In the

messy learning

Why Messy Learning Should be a Part of your Coaching Philosophy

Nov 08, 2016
Chris Oliver

  “You don’t have to perfect skills before you start applying them.” Learning basketball is messy. Playing a basketball game is messy. A lot of times that means that coaches just need to get out of the way. It’s easy to want to give players too much structure and too much guidance, but we have to give players opportunities to make

Coaches Rountable

Lessons Shared at the Coaches Roundtable

Oct 27, 2016
Chris Oliver

The Coaches Roundtable is an initiative started by John Carrier who is the head boys basketball coach at Henry Sibley High School in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. I was fortunate to be asked to speak at the Roundtable when I was in Minneapolis this past summer. These are the notes from the Roundtable taken by Coach Art Errickson. I discussed my coaching philosophy,

Prepare for Basketball Season

177 Questions to Prepare for Basketball Season

Oct 15, 2016
Chris Oliver

Over the course of a basketball season you will need to be prepared for a number of things. To prepare for basketball season answer these 177 questions. If you prefer to download the list, you can do so at the bottom of this blog. What are your values? Offense, defense, special situations, discipline, life development etc. What kind of identity do you want

Florida Basketball Coaches Clinic Notes

Florida Basketball Coaches Clinic Notes

Oct 07, 2016
Chris Oliver

The Florida Coaches Clinic takes place every year and is organized by Larry Shyatt. It is hosted at the University of Florida. These notes were taken and prepared by Jonathan Blake and Mitchell Wise. Speakers and Topics Included: Jeremy Foley Chris Holtmann – Offensive & Defensive Transition Principles Kevin Eastman – The Championship Separators Allen Edwards/Matt McCall/Mark Pope – Accepting

Structure Game-Like Situations so that Players Learn

How to Increase Player Learning by Creating Game-Like Situations

Sep 24, 2016
Chris Oliver

“Principle of specificity: Practice like you play and you’re more likely to play like you practiced” – Rainer Martens Basketball games are played in an open environment. This means the environment is variable and unpredictable during the action. Skills and tactics are not repeated in exactly the same way because of the changing environment. Many basketball drills are not game-like

3-Man Weave Drill

Why the 3-Man Weave Drill Should Be Replaced

Sep 03, 2016
Chris Oliver

The 3-Man Weave is a basketball drill that is a centerpiece in many coaches’ practices. Coaches often use it to emphasize passing skills, conditioning, teamwork, lay-ups, footwork, and running the fast break. The problem with the 3-Man Weave is summed up in these skill acquisition truths presented by Trevor Ragan: Those four points are facts. They are based on sport science research. They

Improve Active Learning Time in Practice

11 Ideas to Improve Active Learning Time in Practice

Aug 01, 2016
Chris Oliver

The more time a basketball player can spend successfully engaged in the learning process, the more learning will occur. One way to increase the skill level of your players is to increase the amount of time your players are engaged specifically on the skill or tactic to be learned. The goal of a practice should be to have the highest number

The Value of Teaching With One-On-One Drills

Jul 09, 2016
Chris Oliver

Individual development drills are great tools for learning, but one-on-one drills are better tools. The value of teaching with one-on-one drills is that your players will improve faster within the context of the game. Practicing out of one-on-one involves constantly pushing players beyond their comfort zone. A coach can use one-on-one drills to develop specific skills and decisions, and use