Advantage Disadvantage

How to Teach Players to Read Advantage and Disadvantage

Jun 12, 2017
Chris Oliver

We use one-on-one drills to teach our players how to read advantage and disadvantage. We define advantage as any time an offensive player has a shoulder to chest relationship to a defender. The disadvantage is when an offensive player has a chest to chest relationship to a defender. These definitions all relate to the ball, you, check concept of defense.

Basketball Mental Toughness

How to Develop Mental Toughness with Constant Challenge in Practice

May 18, 2017
Chris Oliver

“Talent is a piece of the performance puzzle, but a small piece.” – Penny Werthner If you ask coaches they would probably rate mental toughness as one of the most important determinants of success. If that’s true do you know how to practically develop it? Do you believe you can develop or change it? Mental toughness is one of the

Defensive X-Out

The Basketball Defensive X-Out: A Sure Fire Fundamental Guaranteed to Improve your Team’s Defense

Apr 27, 2017
Chris Oliver

I get asked a lot about what things I teach that are under-utilized by many basketball coaches. My answer is consistently the same…the basketball defensive x-out. A defensive x-out is when two players on the weak side of the floor switch checks in a defensive recovery situation. Why is an X-Out Important? The defensive x-out allows your players to help

Basketball Inbound Passer

Passing Tips for the Basketball Inbound Passer

Apr 12, 2017
Chris Oliver

The best inbound teams I have coached have all had one thing in common…they have had a better than average inbound passer to enter the basketball.  It is not as easy as it seems to inbound the ball. Breaking down all aspects of inbound offense is an often neglected part of the basketball coaching process. One of the little things that

Game Coaching

Questions to Ask to Improve your Basketball Game Coaching

Mar 03, 2017
Chris Oliver

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu The best coaching advice I got to develop my game coaching was to coach in as many games as possible. There is no short cut in this process. To improve your game coaching, you need to

Second Cut

The Basketball Second Cut Concept Explained

Feb 08, 2017
Chris Oliver

A second cut is an off the ball cut that happens in combination with some type of dribble penetration.It can occur at the beginning, middle or end of any penetration. Most commonly a second cut happens from the weak side off the floor. At the youth level a second cut is effective as a protection plan to release pressure when

NBA Practice

NBA Practice: Training Camp with George Karl and the Sacramento Kings

Jan 18, 2017
Chris Oliver

During the 2015-16 season I was able to take a sabbatical from coaching. This lead me to to many opportunities to observe practices around the world as my family and I traveled. Here are my notes from an NBA practice with the Sacramento Kings and head coach George Karl. I am grateful to have spent three days with the Kings. The

Basketball Super Coaching Clinic

Ideas from the Basketball Super Coaching Clinic

Jan 03, 2017
Chris Oliver

The Canada Basketball Super Clinic brings together top coaches and technical experts to share their ideas on coaching basketball. The clinic covers all aspects of coaching development and these are some of ideas from the super coaching clinic. SPEAKER: MIKE MACKAY Three times in a game defense is in scramble: Transition Offensive rebound Can create double team or rotation Transition Concepts Wanted

culture conversations

How we use Culture Conversations to Shape our Team

Nov 25, 2016
Chris Oliver

  No amount of team talks, workshops and lectures can shape a team more than the daily conversations that shape your team’s culture. Culture conversations are the essence of what it is really like to play on your team. I’ve become convinced that the culture on our team is formed in the conversations that take place every day. In the

messy learning

Why Messy Learning Should be a Part of your Coaching Philosophy

Nov 08, 2016
Chris Oliver

  “You don’t have to perfect skills before you start applying them.” Learning basketball is messy. Playing a basketball game is messy. A lot of times that means that coaches just need to get out of the way. It’s easy to want to give players too much structure and too much guidance, but we have to give players opportunities to make