Drew Hanlen Basketball Drills

Drew Hanlen Basketball Drills for Team Shooting and Toughness

Apr 28, 2016
Chris Oliver

NBA skills coach Drew Hanlen presented teaching points and basketball drills that you can apply to your coaching at a Basketball Manitoba coaching clinic. This is a summary of his topic on the basketball drills for team shooting and toughness. Philosophy of Playing Towards Your Strength One thing that stands out to Drew Hanlen is the lack of player development from

Preparing for a Head Coaching Position

Apr 14, 2016
Chris Oliver

Whether you are an assistant preparing to become a head coach or interested in moving to your next level as a head coach, a little bit of preparation goes a long way. Preparing for a head coaching position involves many areas of development. To fuel your thoughts on preparing for a head coaching position I asked newly retired head coach

Solution Based Coaching

Zone Offense for Youth Coaches: Solution Based Coaching

Mar 27, 2016
Chris Oliver

Youth basketball players can’t shoot from the perimeter. Shooting is not an age appropriate skill for most young players. The smart coach will design their defense based on this knowledge. If one of the goals of the competition is to put your best efforts forward in pursuit of victory, then playing a zone or pack defense vs. youth players is

A Practical Guide to 3-on-3 Small-Sided Games in Basketball

Mar 09, 2016
Chris Oliver

“Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.” – Roger Lewin Small-sided games are not a new concept. My skill acquisition professor used to say, “Most effective coaches are already doing many of the things sport researchers prove to be effective without knowing why or how they are effective.” Small-sided games are well researched and

Kevin Pangos Can't Miss Kid

6 Reasons Why Kevin Pangos Became the Can’t Miss Kid

Feb 25, 2016
Chris Oliver

I wanted to share a story about the development of Kevin Pangos. Pangos played four years at Gonzaga University and is now pursuing his professional basketball career. This guest post provides insights about the process and people that helped Pangos become the person and player he is today. Two of those people, author Coach Dooley and Kevin’s father Bill Pangos were both early coaching

How to Handle Missed Lay-Ups as a Coach

Feb 10, 2016
Chris Oliver

QUESTION via David Fields: I coach 6th grade boys basketball. We lost 2 games by 3 points and we missed 4 or 5 lay-ups in each game. I work hard in including lay-ups in practice. We do a chase drill where a man with the basketball starts at the free-throw line and a chaser is four feet behind them. I clap my hands and

Basketball Coach

What Does A Coach Do?

Jan 21, 2016
Chris Oliver

I have watched every episode of the TV series House, MD but I don’t feel any more qualified to comment on a doctor’s performance than I did before watching. It is one of the unique parts of coaching sport that everyone who has played or watched a sport feels the opposite. Most people, despite never having trained as a coach, feel qualified

Basketball Player Development

Perimeter Player Development

Jan 09, 2016
Chris Oliver

Perimeter player development is important for all players in today’s game. Coaches want guards and posts to be able to play effectively on the perimeter. In this summary of Coach Dunlap’s Perimeter Player Development clinic we highlight his ideas which have helped develop players in high school, college and the NBA. Coach Dunlap prefers to look at player development as teaching decision making. Philosophy

Basketball Practices

How to Improve your Basketball Practices

Dec 21, 2015
Chris Oliver

Many of you coach with limited available practice time. You only have access to a couple of practice slots a week. Or you only have a short time allotment during the times you practice. You can improve your basketball practice by planning with three characteristics in mind. The three characteristics of basketball practice, or what I call The 3 C’s of Practice, are accounted

Basketball Shooting

Why We Only Use One Shooting Drill in Practice

Dec 14, 2015

Have you ever seen a shooting drill where very few shots are actually taken? I have. I have seen some pretty impressive drills. Players moving everywhere, balls zipping around, downscreens and ballscreens, but only every so often was a shot taken. On the video or practice plan the coach calls it a shooting drill. It may have value but I would