Game Coach

Become a Better Basketball Game Coach by Doing This

May 31, 2019
Chris Oliver

How do we, as coaches, work on our “game” to improve as a game coach? The easy answer is to coach more games. The second answer is to run more practices where players practice like they are in a game. The problem is most coaches don’t coach in enough games to really improve. There are schedule limitations, and other restrictions

Game Day Card

Basketball Game Coaching: What’s on Your Game Day Card?

Apr 25, 2019
Chris Oliver

Ever since Stan Van Gundy explained his game day pocket card on the Basketball Podcast I have gotten asked for more ideas. I decided to ask a cross section of coaches to give you some ideas to stimulate the creation of your game day card. Here is what Van Gundy said about his game day card on EP32: Basketball Philosophy

Build Up Shooting Drills

BDT Shooting Build Up Drills

Mar 19, 2019
Chris Oliver

Build up drills are drills that develop gradually by increments. One drill leads to the next in a progression. Build up drills are great for initial learning, and to get a consistent high number repetitions. BDT shooting is an example of a build up drill. It should progress from one BDT shooting cue, hands up to simulate the pass decision,

Matt Woodley

Matt Woodley Basketball Defense Drills

Feb 15, 2019
Chris Oliver

One of the best defensive coaches in basketball, Matt Woodley provides teaching points and video examples of basketball defense drills he uses to teach the pack line basketball defense. Defensive Mindset: Must have growth mindset. No direct drives/no straight line drives. How do you get complete buy in? Care (both players caring for coaches; coaches caring for players. Competence (know

All Access Carleton Basketball Practice with Dave Smart

Jan 27, 2019
Chris Oliver

“Dave Smart is as bright as anyone I’ve met in our business . His defensive philosophy and techniques have been helpful to us. We always look for opportunities to learn from Dave.” Jay Wright, Villanova University Never before access! It’s here for you. Learn from one of the greatest minds in basketball who opened his doors and shared the game

Rebound Outlet

Rebound Outlet at the Nail Area Concept

Jan 08, 2019
Chris Oliver

An idea that could change your approach to rebounding and fast break offense is the rebound outlet at the nail area concept. I have talked about it on two podcasts now, and I get a lot of questions about this concept, so I wanted to provide some more information. By no means is this statistical or anecdotal evidence conclusive, but


Shooting Layups Using Perceptual Basketball Finishing Drill

Oct 26, 2018
Chris Oliver

Shooting layups is a complex skill. What makes a layup complex is the perception action coupling process. Perceptual layups practice drills are designed to account for this process within the practice. Basically the perception action coupling process is the coordination of visual perception in an environment and movement required to achieve an action such as a layup. In a layup

Lessons from Coaching at an International Basketball Tournament

Oct 12, 2018
Chris Oliver

In this blog Mark Jablonski outlines his experiences and lessons learned from participating in an international basketball tournament. Mark participated as a part of 3D Global Sports International Development Coaching Program.  As part of the coaching staff for the 40th Jones Cup Tournament in Taiwan, I was fortunate to get the chance to observe as we prepared and coached during this

Florida Coaches Clinic

2018 Florida Basketball Coaches Clinic Notes

Sep 24, 2018
Chris Oliver

The Florida Coaches Clinic takes place every year and is organized by Larry Shyatt. It is hosted at the University of Florida and brings together NBA, NCAA and other coaches to share basketball ideas. These notes were taken and prepared by Mike Robuck and the University of Florida Staff. This year I was grateful to be asked to speak once

Engage and Coach

How to Engage and Coach this Generation of Student Athletes

Sep 06, 2018
Chris Oliver

Camp Elevate by True North Sports is a personal and professional development experience that goes beyond the X’s and O’s of sport to develop student-athletes. It is run by Celia Slater who is a nationally-recognized leader committed to providing professional development opportunities for coaches of all sports interested in pursuing excellence in their profession. Celia is trying to change the whole culture