The Basketball Podcast: EP39 Josh Schertz on Offensive Play Calling

RELEASE DATE : 08/05/2019

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, former Lincoln Memorial head coach, and current Indiana State head coach, Josh Schertz joins the Basketball Podcast, to discuss offensive play calling and things that lead to success. Schertz, a three-time National Coach of the Year and six-time South Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year, has led LMU to a remarkable 232-32 record (87.9 percent) over the last eight seasons.

Since arriving in Harrogate, Tennessee as the 17th head coach of the Lincoln Memorial University men’s basketball program in 2008, Josh Schertz has engineered one of the more remarkable turnarounds in all of college basketball.

In his ten seasons on the sideline, Schertz has led the Railsplitters to a 266-55 record (82.9 percent), seven South Atlantic Conference regular-season titles and four South Atlantic Conference tournament championships. He has guided LMU to nine straight 20 win seasons, eight-consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances and 35 postseason victories. Under his leadership, the Railsplitters own the top three single-season marks in school and league history in both wins and winning percentage, and he’s the only coach in league history to lead a team to the NCAA Division II Final Four multiple times including the 2016 National Championship Game. 

Josh Schertz

Josh Schertz Quotes:

“We really want guys to have an outstanding student-athlete experience.”

“LMU is a terrific academic school . . but they’re also very committed to athletics . . they don’t look at that as being binary.”

“The play name should give you alignment . . we try to make it where there is consistency of language . . all the actions [are] consistent across whatever play family we are using.”

“We’ve gotten away from ball screen stuff late in the clock just because people are switching everything.”

“We’ll try to identify the worst defender and sprint him up . . and create the switch we want and then play to space.”

“If you have great players you try to fit your style to your players . . I do think pace is vital . . the name of the game, to me, is to try to offensively engender as many . . quality open looks as possible.”

“Take care of the ball and hunt great. Hunt great to me means exhaust all options in search of . . a great look.”

“On misses you have to put pressure and stress on the defense . . the hardest thing . . to do on the defensive end is to play transition . . then wouldn’t it make sense to be uber-aggressive and really stress that?”

“Everything that you want to do offensively, you want to avoid defensively.”

“In defensive warm-up, we’re going half-speed but . . be perfect in your positioning and be perfect in your talk . . we’re working on all kinds of defensive principles and habits that we need to take forward with us moving into the season.”

[On the Boston Celtics training camp] “It was really eye-opening for me in terms of being able to play fast and giving guys freedom within structure.”

“The game is ever-evolving . . we don’t do almost any of the same drills, we don’t recruit the same.”

“It’s made the player development piece a lot more relevant . . do what you do best, i.e., soar with your strengths.”

“Screen assists are something we chart . . We try to get in and quantify and measure what we think are winning plays or effort plays that don’t get affirmation inside of the box score.”

“The whole goal defensively . . you’ve got to be great in transition defense . . you’ve got to be terrific at protecting the paint . . and you’ve got to be great at closing possessions – finishing possessions with rebounds.”

Listen Here:

Josh Schertz Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Culture He Built at Lincoln Memorial University
4:30 – His Playbook System and Cut Series
9:00 – Cut Series Discussion
10:40 – Running a Lot of Stuffs
12:00 – Consistency of the Play Ball
13:10 – Flow and “99” Play Term
15:00 – Talking about Critical Offense
18:40 – Talking about Phase
19:30 – Hunt Great
22:00 – Putting Pressure and Stress on Defense
23:00 – Playing the Phase
24:00 – Finding Equilibrium and Paradox
25:30 – Behavior in Practice
29:00 – Challenge for Young Coaches
30:30 – Team that is Steady
33:00 – Defensive Warm-up
36:00 – Developing Habits
37:00 – Learnings, Multitasks
39:30 – Running Great Offense
43:00 – Develop Ability to Coach
45:00 – Transfer in the Game
46:00 – Takeaways in the Camp
48:30 – Giving Freedom to Players
49:00 – Applied Learnings from the Camp
50:00 – Blender
52:00 – Recruiting Process
53:30 – Exercise and Taking Vitamins to the Players
55:00 – Screen-Assist and Hockey Assist
58:00 – Clean-Stop and Qualitative-Quantitative Concept
1:01:00 – Cumulative Effect
1:03:00 – Conclusion

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