The Basketball Podcast: EP38 Randy Brown on Coaching Clarity

RELEASE DATE : 01/05/2019

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, basketball consultant and mentor, Randy Brown, joins the podcast to talk about the 12 Anchors for Coaching Clarity, Effectiveness, and Success. Randy is a former D1 Assistant Coach at Iowa State and Arizona. His 18 years in college basketball highlights a successful 23-year career.

Mentored by Basketball Hall of Fame coach Lute Olson at Arizona, Randy’s coaching resume includes positions at Arizona, Iowa State, Marquette, Drake, and Miami of Ohio, 5 Conference Championships and 5 NCAA appearances. His efforts have helped develop 12 NBA players including Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, and Jaamal Tinsley.

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“What are the anchors? What do you stand for? What are the things that you think lead most to winning? . . organize your thoughts and your coaching around that.”

“The action isn’t on the ball . . there’s a tremendous 4-on-4 game going on other than the ball and the defender . . the next pass is going to come from that 4-on-4 action.”

“How much time this week did you work on breaking down your skill of communication as a team? . . We teach shooting, we teach defensive transition, are we teaching communication?”

“I was coaching and teaching out of the concept of what I knew . . what I know is really of not much consequence. What is really the most important thing is what my players get.”

“You can go to all the clinics you want . . can you get that [information] across to your kids?”

“It was a great laboratory for me to be able to break down defensive basketball into parts and them teach them how parts work together . . if you run your defensive transition and then you run your shell drill . . they [the players] have to understand how they morph together.”

“I challenge coaches to have a list of terminology . . and I’m pretty surprised at how many don’t . . I think we need consistent terminology.”

“Another challenge I have for coaches is to write down their definition of toughness . . I think it’s really important to define toughness.”

“Our eyes tell the defender a lot about what we anticipate doing . . just by being able to use your eyes and change speed and direction . . you can be a really good player on offense.”

“Put a role into a positive framework . Tell a kid, ‘Here’s what we need you to do to have a positive impact on us winning this game or having a great season.’”

“What are your non-negotiables?. . if I give you a team and I give you three things, you’re going to teach these three things better than anybody. You are going to make your guys, totally, totally accountable for these . . because they are non-negotiable.”

“The rule of sticky is: you can talk about it, emphasize it or make it a non-negotiable. That is low, medium and then the highest level of accountability . . As coaches, we get what we tolerate.”

“Here’s the rule: when you’re free shoot . . if you miss, you have to move closer on the next shot.”

“[On coaching Steve Kerr at Arizona] He was always close to what was going on. And I had seen him move from the backcourt to the frontcourt several times so he could listen to what was going on . . and then I heard him talking to his teammates about the very same thing later on.”

“It is such a privilege to be able to play sports . . in a bigger picture . . your life is going to be based on relationships . . Look around. There might be a guy in this group who, when you’re 42 years old you have to call at three in the morning to share some . . horrible news and they’re going to come to your aid.”

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1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Anchors in Coaching
4:00 – Roots of the Anchors Coming From
6:30 – 1st Anchor, Concept of the Game
8:30 – Play off the Ball and Empower the Weak Side
9:30 – Embracing where Player are Good
11:30 – 2nd Anchor, Communication
13:00 – Communication must come Early
14:30 – 4 Items – Early, What, Directional, Action
16:40 – Teaching Basketball as a Puzzle Concept
18:40 – Coach Through Your Player’s Eyes
20:40 – Pieces of the Puzzle
23:00 – 3rd Anchor, Words
25:00 – 4th Anchor, “Toughness”
28:30 – Relating the Game “Tag” to Basketball
31:00 – 5th Anchor, Roles
33:00 – Story about Roles
35:00 – 6th Anchor, The “Top 3 Rule” Story
37:40 – 7th Anchor, School of Bus Rule
39:00 – Defensive Transition, Get Good Shots, Limit Turnovers
40:30 – 8th Anchor, The Rule of Sticky
41:30 – 9th Anchor, Low, Medium, Highest Level of Accountability
42:20 – 10th Anchor, Free Shooting Ideas for Players
44:00 – 11th Anchor, Coach Yourself
47:00 – Frustration of the Coaches
48:00 – Story of “Coach Yourself”
50:30 – 12th Anchor, Enjoy
52:30 – Realization of Enjoying the Game of Basketball
55:30 – Website of Randy Brown: randybrown.coach
57:00 – Book of Randy Brown: Rebound Froward
58:00 – Talking about Adversity
59:00 – Conclusion

Randy Brown:

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