The Basketball Podcast: EP325 with Fran Fraschilla on Coaching Trends

RELEASE DATE : 19/06/2024

In this week’s coaching conversation, ESPN College Basketball Game and Studio Analyst, Fran Fraschilla shares insights on trends in coaching, 3×3 and a passion to learn.

Fran Fraschilla joined ESPN as a college basketball game and studio analyst in 2003. Fraschilla has an extensive coaching background, having coached at the collegiate level for 23 years. His teams made eight postseason appearances, including three NCAA Tournaments. He was the head coach at the University of New Mexico, St. John’s University and Manhattan College.

At ESPN, he worked on NBA Draft coverage, the FIBA World Championships, as well as the NBA and high school basketball. He was also an analyst on ESPN’s NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball coverage from 2007-2014.

Fran Fraschilla had an impressive coaching career before transitioning to ESPN.

Manhattan College (1992–1996): As head coach of the Manhattan Jaspers, Fraschilla led the team to the NCAA Tournament twice. In 1995, the Jaspers pulled off an upset as a 13-seed, defeating Kelvin Sampson’s No. 4 Oklahoma Sooners. St. John’s University (1996–1998): At St. John’s, Fraschilla coached four NBA players, including Metta World Peace. His overall record with the Red Storm was 35–24.University of New Mexico (1999–2002): Fraschilla continued his success at New Mexico, posting a 55–41 record. His teams made postseason appearances, including the NIT and NCAA Tournaments.

In total, Fran Fraschilla’s coaching career spanned 23 years, with an overall record of 176–99. His expertise and insights now benefit ESPN viewers as he analyzes college basketball games and covers the NBA draft, particularly focusing on foreign players.

Fran Fraschilla

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Fran Fraschilla Quotes:

“What I discovered through the years [working with] the pick-and-roll is simply that I can teach you how to create space off of your man to get to the screen. Then we can teach you all of the coverages, whether it’s an aggressive coverage or a passive coverage. Aggressive coverages would be hedges and blitzes. Drop coverages would be passive coverages. We can teach those in skill development.”

“Level one is, ‘How do I create an advantage at the point of the ball?’  Level two is, ‘How do I find a solution for the coverage?’ and level three is, ‘How do we destroy the help?’ And I think the biggest thing in pick and roll basketball . . is that you’ve got to teach your kids to throw cross court passes, jump passes, hook passes, manipulate defenses with your eyes, be able to score. I think it’s really important for pick-and-roll guards to be a threat at the rim.”

“It doesn’t matter what the coverage is. The great point guards have an answer to the coverage.”

“This is the time of year to watch film and see why things get clogged up . . When you go to an offense like a 5-out, how do you get the spacing and cutting away from the ball to create open court opportunities?  . . How can you get some weak side action to keep that defense occupied?”

“Don’t get bored if you’re getting better. So, you’ve got to explain the why to them. We can come off any screen in our offense with proper footwork because we drill it every day. There’s nothing we do that doesn’t educate your feet in the first 20 minutes of practice.”

Fran Fraschilla Breakdown:

1:00 – International Basketball Growth

6:00 – Pick and Roll Basketball Techniques

13:00 – Five Out Offense and Big Men Passing Ability

16:00 – Effective Weak Side Actions

18:30 – Practice Design and Habits

25:00 – Coaching Techniques in College Basketball

28:30 – Offensive and Defensive Approaches

33:00 – Importance of Switching

35:30 – Difference of 3×3 vs 5×5

39:00 – Benefits of 3×3

46:00 – Family Involvement

49:00 – Coaching and Mentorship

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