The Basketball Podcast: EP32 Paul Hewitt on the Coaching Profession

RELEASE DATE : 20/03/2019

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, former college head coach Paul Hewitt joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss the basketball coaching profession.

Hewitt is currently a scout for the Los Angeles Clippers. He is best known as a college basketball coach. He has been the head coach at Georgia Tech, George Mason and Siena University.

His head coaching career started at Siena where he revived a program that had been dormant since the mid-90’s and molded it into one of the best in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. In 11 seasons at Georgia Tech, Hewitt went to the NCAA Tournament five times, played for two ACC championships, made one final four and played for a national championship.

Having won over 300 games, Hewitt also, twice served as an assistant coach for USA Basketball’s Under-18 team at the FIBA Americas U18 Championship, and was head coach for the 2011 USA Basketball Under-19 team.

Paul Hewitt Quotes:

“It’s certainly easier to find the talent than it is to find out the character . . . we decided . . we’re going to draft kids that are high in character, who love the game . . and see where it takes us.”

“We can develop talent. We’re coaches . . but what’s the difference in the guy that has great talent and translates that into having a great career and the guy that has great talent but never seems to quite make it?”

“When you look at the best players out there, the ones that are constantly vying for championships – the one thing they have is a tremendous love for the game . . they worked on their craft, they were extremely competitive people.”

“Communication is king . . If a guy’s engaged in practice . . that tells me so much about that young man. It tells me how engaged that person is in that possession or task . . it tells me how enthusiastic that person is and . . it tells me just how intelligent they are.”

“What’s becoming even more important now, as the NBA becomes a more free-flowing, offensive game is being able to read situations . . what’s his decision making like?”

“[When] a kid comes in the gym . . I always notice what are they working on first . . are they coming in just launching 3-pointers or are they coming in and they have a warm-up routine that involves ball-handling, involves shooting in close, involves the basic things that happen in a game?”

“You’ve gotten back to the roots of the game. Guys are just learning how to pass, cut, move without the ball, defend on an island, and try to figure it out themselves.”

“The idea that kids aren’t playing as much 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 . . certainly has hurt their mind development . . they don’t understand the nuance of the game because they’re waiting for somebody to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong as opposed to discovering it on their own.”

“Dribbling the basketball, being able to drive the ball and make a decision off the dribble is huge.”

“Dribble, shoot and pass. Those things are so basic. It’s something in the NBA that you spend a lot of time on because of the spacing on the court.”

“The amount of ball movement, the amount of driving to set up the pass – I think we could do a better job as college coaches at all positions.”

“When [players] feel like you’re teaching them . . they’re going to rebound a little harder, they’re going to defend a little more . . all the selfless stuff, they’re going to be more willing to do . . I don’t think you can put a price tag on what it does for moving you toward success as a team.”

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Paul Hewitt Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Character in a Team’s Success
5:00 – Knowing Players More Deeply
9:00 – Things in Practice that Separate a Player
10:00 – Communication
12:30 – The NBA Game
14:00 – Preparing and Scouting
15:00 – Is NCAA adapting to the New Modern Style?
16:30 – Looking to the Habit of Players
17:30 – How Much that Player Wants to get Better
19:00 – Being Professional
21:00 – Coach-led One-on-One Practice
22:00 – Talking about Fiba 3-on-3 Basketball
25:00 – Figuring out Player’s Skills during One-on-One
27:00 – Ball Mastery
28:00 – Differences between the Draft Process in Sports
33:30 – Player’s Worth and Recruitment in different Sports
37:00 – Player’s Value in the Marketplace
38:00 – Corruption in Basketball
41:00 – Coach Untold Stories
42:00 – Being a Model
43:40 – Things that College Coaches can do to be Better
45:00 – Evaluated based on Wins and Losses, Not on the Development
46:00 – Teaching Players how to get Better
47:30 – Final Thoughts

Paul Hewitt

Bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Hewitt

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