The Basketball Podcast: EP294 with Coach Nick Hauselman on the Chase Defense

RELEASE DATE : 15/11/2023
In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Bballbreakdown founder Coach Nick Hauselman joins the Basketball Podcast to share and discuss the Chase Defense.

Coach Nick Hauselman, is the founder of Bbballbreakdown, a popular online channel devoted to NBA analysis. He has been breaking down NBA games with slow motion, freeze frames, arrows, and voice-over for over 8 years. Coach Nick has over 20 years of experience coaching players at every level, using the most cutting-edge techniques that ensure maximum output and efficiency.

Coach Nick is also a regular contributor to The Athletic and has been featured on various podcasts and media outlets. He welcomes guests from all facets of basketball for in-depth discussions on everything from how your favorite team is running their offense to the latest trade rumors, to cutting-edge training techniques and new fundamentals of basketball being developed.

Bballbreakdown is devoted to deep-dive analysis of NBA basketball gameplay. If you’re a coach or a player, check out the monthly membership – filled with an ever-growing library of on-court demos designed to help you improve your play and your coaching. Giving fans a taste of a pro coach’s film session, Coach Nick breaks down fundamentals, play-calling, offense, defense, shooting form, officiating, and everything else in basketball. In addition, see exclusive interviews with NBA players and coaches, from active superstars to retired legends.

After seeing offensive ratings continue to rise year over year, it became clear the step slides and choppy step close outs and everything else simply wasn’t working. Something radical needed to be done. For 100 years, we taught defense that limited athletic ability with sliding and choppy steps, etc. Now, we can unlock all athletic potential by unleashing them to run around the court at full speed. Get ready to learn about the Chase Defense.

Coach Nick Hauselman

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Coach Nick Quotes:

“It’s also about, ‘Let’s get more optimal  here.’ Let’s figure out what we’re doing and if it is the right way to do it and the best way to do is. So it’s not like we’re going to completely dismiss what’s been done .. but maybe there’s another way we can do this that would get all the things that you want and kids will like it more and they’ll develop better.”

“Half of the possessions in the NBA resemble the chase defense . . So, it’s not as radical as you might think. If you’re running drop coverage at any other level, yeah, you’re going to be behind the ball at some point. The center is going
to be in front of the ball containing, and the other three guys are pretty much zoning up.”

“All the things that people hate about defense, think we’re getting rid of that now. know that these young guys who are really athletic and women who want to run around and really just disrupt things, this plays right into that psyche,
and think that that’s going to bleed into all the defensive things they do.”

“Coaches are going to say, ‘I can’t expect them to be playing one way they have their entire life and all of sudden the
complete opposite in the next possession.’  And I’m like, ‘Well, you kind of ask them to do that when you go from
man-to-man to zone. It’s not exactly as radical as I’m talking about, but it’s pretty different and no one has a problem with that.”

“It’s going to make your offense better, even if you don’t want to run this defense . . The ball movement was so amazing out of it and it forced them to do that . . And so, it’s that repetition of decision making in practice that will help you in the long run.”

“I always felt it was not going to be base defense, but have gone back and forth and kind of agonized over it. don’t even know if it matters at this point . .  it’s a very hyper aggressive zone and you start to have trust in your teammates that are going to back you up when you pressure the ball. And it would bleed into our man-to-man and our
man-to-man would start getting better and more pressure-filled because of that.’

Coach Nick Breakdown:

2:00 – Developing Creative and Free Players
6:00 – The Chase Defense
8:30 – Philosophy of Taking Away Pick and Roll
11:30 – Defense Giving Up
15:00 – Zone Alignment
17:30 – Challenge Traditional Norms
21:30 – Disruption
26:30 – The Goalie Defense
34:30 – Contest Shot From Behind
36:30 – Scouting Report
39:30 – Rebounding Responsibilities
44:30 – New Defense
49:00 – Situational Defense
51:00 – General Feedback

Coach Nick Selected Links from the Podcast:

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