The Basketball Podcast: EP27 Jonathon Smith on High School Basketball

RELEASE DATE : 13/02/2019

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, high school basketball coach Jonathan Smith discusses applying Basketball Immersion concepts to high school basketball coaching, with the creative mind behind Basketball Immersion, Chris Oliver. Coach Smith is the high school basketball Head Coach at Morristown West High School in Morristown, Tennessee. 

Basketball Immersion concepts like BDT, Zero Seconds, games approach to coaching and others are well suited high school basketball, and for all levels of coaching.

Jonathan Smith High School Basketball Quotes:

“One of the most vulnerable places for a defender is the closeout . . we teach our kids attack the closeout every chance we can.”

“I think that’s one of the gray areas . . kids struggle with is – ‘How do I apply this – what I just learned – to a live situation.’ So, the connection is a key part to our practices.”

Chris Oliver High School Basketball Quotes:

“The best players are the ones who get better on their own.”

“Any drill should be solving a problem but it should be game-specific, game-like and performed at game speed. That’s the 3 Gs of drill design.”

“The reason that we would do a drill is that we want to make very specific coaching points that aren’t happening in our 5-on-5 . . [For example] our players haven’t been doing something well individually in 5-on-5.”

“In this games approach to coaching, coaching points are still being made. The discipline and teaching are still there even though the format is different.”

“When we play 5-on-5 . . it’s learning time. And that’s the agreement I have to have with my players.”

“We waste so much time with on-air drills . . for positive transfer to the game, positioning has to be understood . . the defense or the offense has to be there to give context.”

“[The games approach] is messier. That’s the challenge for you as a coach to understand . . your players are getting value from it even though it doesn’t look perfect.”

“Understanding what the help is doing is so important to running good offense . . your players don’t need to look at their teammates, they need to look at the defense.”

“There’s not a wrong decision if it’s made for advantage reasons . . If they did it and it created an advantage, then do your players know how to take advantage of that situation.”

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High School Basketball Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Reaching Out to Coach Chris
3:00 – Practice Schedule
4:00 – Individual Workouts
5:00 – Mixed Drill
6:00 – Doing Practice on their Own
8:00 – “Repetition without being Repetitive”
9:00 – Basketball Decision Training or BDT
11:00 – Live 1-on-1 and Enhancing it
13:00 – Decision of 1-on-1
15:00 – Dribble Limits
16:00 – 2-on-1 Drive and Kick and Closeouts
17:00 – Words that Empowers our Players
18:00 – 3 G’s of Drill Design and Solving a Problem
19:00 – Emphasizing Transition
20:00 – Starting 4-on-4 Practice
21:00 – Starting of Coach Chris Practice
23:00 – Applying Body Pressure instead of Arm Length
25:00 – Correcting Player During Drills
26:30 – Competitiveness and Correcting Players
28:30 – Closeout Rebounding Drill
31:00 – Offensive Breakdown of Coach Chris
32:00 – Idea of Connection and 4-on-4 Offensive Breakdown
34:00 – Timing
35:00 – Positive Transfer and Execution of Drills
36:00 – Perception of Back Screen and Reading the Skip Option
37:00 – Players not to Look on Back Screens
38:30 – Creating Advantage
39:30 – Film Watching
41:30 – Focus on Individual
42:30 – Continuing to Correct and Looking for their Progress
44:30 – Value of Video
45:30 – The Power of Facebook
46:00 – Conclusion

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