The Basketball Podcast: EP258 with Jacob Jackomas on 5 Out and Coaching

RELEASE DATE : 08/03/2023

In this week’s coaching conversation, Illawarra Hawks head coach Jacob Jackomas joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights on assistant and head coaching, and the 5-Out spread offense.

Jacob Jackomas previously acted as Australia coaching legend Brian Goorjian’s assistant coach for more than a decade, his extensive coaching resume includes stints in the NBL, China and the Australian Boomers program over the past 6 years. Jackomas was recently made the International Scouting Coordinator for the Australian national basketball team, the Boomers.

His assistant coaching resume includes stints with the Sydney Kings (2006-2009), Dongguan Leopards (2009-2015), Sydney Kings (2015-2016), and the Shanghai Sharks (2016-2017).

Jackomas has also won two championships as Head Coach of Knox Grammar School in Sydney. He has coached the Under 18 New South Wales team for the last three years and has coached numerous Junior Association teams.

Listen Here:

Jacob Jackomas Quotes:

“One thing with becoming a head coach, I think you do need to trust your gut a little bit more . . you have to absorb all the information . . but also, you have to be confident on that sideline.”

“I’ve been such a believer and such a fighter for analytics with the people that I’ve reported to my whole life. So, it’s been a really big change . . keeping it very simple for yourself, because you’ve got so much more to deal with on game day as a head coach.”

“The Coach of the Year isn’t the same person every year. It’s the person that does the best with what they have.”

“The best thing to do is, as a coach, if you have the best [people] in your space, you need to be able to put them in the best position. And you need to lose your ego that way.”

“I think early on when you’re teaching, you need to teach designated lanes. And once you get fluid in your concepts and the way you play, then you can start mixing and matching.”

“The international style is a bit more movement and finding those mismatches”

“Early preseason is your time. As it gets to their [the players’] time, you got to give them confidence and let them go.”

“The 1’s got the ball on the 45 . . but I don’t want to reverse it through the 4. So, I dribble it to the alleys and I back-cut the five and spread him out. And now I’ve got a guard-to-guard front there.”“Transition won’t work if you run into each other . . that’s where the real coaching comes into it. And that’s where I think video really helps . . you let them play, not stop it so much at practice because it’s hard to stop transition in those advantage/disadvantage drills . . you can’t start again in transition. But you go to the video, you do five minutes of video . . and then some of these guys are, ‘Man, we’re standing together here, this looks stupid.’”

“What I’ve learned right now and what our guys are learning right now is, when we win basketball games next year, we are going to enjoy every single win . . because there’s always something around the corner so you can’t ever take winning for granted.”

Jacob Jackomas Breakdown:

1:00 – Takeaways Working with Brian Goorjian
9:00 – Scouting
12:00 – Beating Other Coaches
14:30 – About the Olympics Learning
18:00 – Pick and Roll
22:00 – Flow
31:00 – Running a First-Team
33:03 – 33:45 – Immersion Videos ADS
33:30 – Best Spots
36:30 – The Spread Offense
39:00 – Catch Attack Matchups
43:00 – Penetration Reaction
47:00 – Cutting
52:00 – Creating Space
55:00 – Shot Clock
59:00 – Advice to Assistant Coaches

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