The Basketball Podcast: EP22 Brad Campbell on International Coaching

RELEASE DATE : 02/01/2019

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Brad Campbell and Chris Oliver discuss their experience coaching Canada 3D Global Sports at the 40th Jones Cup in Taiwan. This podcast is accompanied by a blog Lessons from Coaching at an International Basketball Tournament.

Brad Campbell is head coach of the University of Western Mustangs. In 11 seasons at the helm, Campbell has lead his team to a pair of OUA West Division championships and a bid in the U SPORTS Final Eight National Championship in 2008 and 2009. It was in the 2008-09 season that he was named the OUA Coach of the Year.

Interested in more lessons on coaching internationally? Check out a video compilation of plays we ran 3D Global Sports Canada Basketball Team Offense blog Lessons from Coaching at an International Basketball Tournament

Brad Campbell Quotes:

“When slipping back into an assistant role, I found there were way more things on my plate.”

On being an assistant coach: “From a game standpoint . . come in prepared with some ideas.”

Coach Oliver: “Let’s get to some of the stuff we noticed from teams that could help coaches . . I think the first thing is how teams at the international level make you defend the whole court.”

Coach Oliver: “Defensively, we were stretched on basically every possession of defense to cover the whole court.”

On characteristics of the international game: “First and foremost . . just constantly shooters in both corners. They’re going to hold the corners and put some stress on your D then run some secondary action off of that.”

“I think that’s where defensively, most of the time we did a nice job. We got teams longer into their possessions which I don’t think they were very familiar with doing.”

“Everything was run so quickly . . tremendous pace on it . . just putting so much stress on your defense to make quick decisions.”

“We were able to break teams down a little bit more off the dribble . . we would run action and really attack you.”

“Outside of our defense . . the other key . . was our spacing.”

“With finishing with floaters and runners being so prevalent . . I find especially with my guys, I don’t think we get fouled enough going to the basket. But I felt, in the Jones Cup . . they were still doing those creative finishes but were drawing fouls.”

“There were so many skilled bigs in that tournament and bigs that could shoot the ball but I didn’t feel there was a lot of stress put on our defense from ball screen actions for those bigs to be shooters.”

“When dealing with pro players, they’re just more skilled . . at this level and with this quality of player you have to have a multitude of different options to play ball screens and a lot of it is going to depend on your personnel.”

On the basketball atmosphere in Taiwan: “They’re just crazy about basketball . . how excited they were . . they loved seeing talent and great plays and they appreciated things that your team did . . it’s just something you’ll never forget.”

“I really think the ‘compete’ level from our guys was off the charts. And I think that really helped carry us through . . that was really exciting to be a part of.“

“The style we played with more freedom and attacking and spacing served us well. “

Chris Oliver: “If you learn how to play . . it doesn’t matter what the defense is.”

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1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Rivals to Friends
3:00 – Experiences at the Jones Cup
5:00 – Putting a Team for a Short Amount of Time
6:30 – Going Quite Few Things
8:00 – Challenges over the Schedule
10:00 – Maximizing Time and Constant Communication to Players
11:00 – Outstanding to him to be an Assistant Coach
13:00 – Advice to other Assistant Coaches
15:00 – Timeout
16:00 – Exhausted but Focused on the Game
18:00 – Handling Adjustments and Calling Some Terminologies
20:00 – How International Teams make him Defend the Whole Court?
21:30 – Ball Screen, Rescreen and Quick Shots
23:30 – Weak Side Action
26:00 – Defense is the Difference
28:30 – Focus on Spacing and One-hand Finishes
30:30 – Fundamentals and De-Fundamentalize Players
31:30 – Perceptual Lay-ups
32:30 – Soft And-1 will be the Favorable Call
34:30 – Level of Coaching of the Asian Coaches
36:30 – Little Creativity on Inbound Plays
38:00 – Ricardo Ratcliff and Scoring in Post
40:00 – Reads for the Ball Screen Offense
42:00 – Tons of Ball Screen Defense
43:00 – Chess Game
44:30 – Culture of Basketball in Taipei
46:30 – Level of Competition in the Tournament
47:30 – Brotherhood Developed to Other Teams
49:00 – Managing Players and Winning the Tournament
51:30 – Not a lot of Zone Defense
53:30 – Playing Zones
55:30 – “Travel Day is Not an Off-Day”
57:00 – Conclusion


Brad Campbell



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