The Basketball Podcast: E14 with Steve Prohm on Point Guard Play

RELEASE DATE : 14/11/2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, former Iowa State head coach Steve Prohm joins the podcast. Prohm’s success with point guards is well known as he has helped develop a number of NBA point guards include Monte Morris, Cameron Payne and Isaiah Canaan. Coach Prohm discusses the point guard position, offensive basketball concepts and other ideas that power Iowa State basketball.

Head Coach Steve Prohm has led five teams to the postseason and owns a win percentage of better than .700 in seven seasons as a head coach. Prohm, who is in his fourth season coaching has led the Cyclones a pair of NCAA Tournament berths in his first three seasons at the helm.

Steve Prohm

Steve Prohm Podcast Quotes

“As an assistant when I first got in, I got two really good pieces of advice: Make yourself invaluable to the person you work for and then learn every phase of that program so that you can coach at any level.”

“I think the biggest thing is giving guys freedom so that they can build great confidence in their game — [to have] freedom in transition, to make decisions . . “

“You’ve got to be able to give freedom to your players to lead one another . . because player-led teams are a lot stronger than coach-led teams.”

“My biggest thing is . . if we’re going to turn down really good, wide open threes, what shot are we trying to get?”

“My sell to all guards is: when the ball is in your hand, you are our point guard. You have to make decisions.”

“Guys have to know they have to sell out to running the wing to be able to space the floor and open it up and create offense for others. “

“If you kick the ball up and you get guys in rotation right away and now we’re driving bad closeouts . . that enables us to get paint touches.”

“Sometimes we put in too many sets . . take the top three scorers . . what are the best two or three actions that we really want to emphasize for those guys? But the majority of our offense . . comes through pace, through transition, through ball movement.”

“I want these guys playing more out of concepts than they are out of plays.”

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Steve Prohm Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Rise from Student Manager to Head Coach
3:00 – What is valuable?
4:30 – Point Guard Development
6:30 – Freedom for Point Guards
8:00 – Point Guard Communication
9:00 – Different Leadership Styles
11:00 – Getting Your Players to Talk More
15:00 – How to Define Shot Selection?
16:40 – Multiple Point Guards
20:00 – What Balances the 3-Point Shot
23:30 – “This is the Play for our Team”
25:30 – Secondary Break Action
28:30 – Consecutive Turnovers and Dead Ball Situation
30:00 – Unstructured Moments
31:30 – Game Preparation
35:00 – Type of Leadership Style
37:00 – “Pick and Prohm” Program by Coach Steve

Steve Prohm Links:

Bio: https://cyclones.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1351&path=mbball

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachProhm

Pick N’ Prohm: https://twitter.com/PicknProhm

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