The Basketball Podcast: E11 with Chris Caputo on Defense

RELEASE DATE : 26/10/2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Miami University assistant coach Chris Caputo discusses defense. Coach Caputo is in his eighth season with the Hurricanes and his 17th season on head coach Jim Larrañaga’s staff. Caputo is the associate head coach at Miami, and also the team’s defensive coordinator.

The podcast starts with discussion about being a long term assistant coach to Jim Larrañaga, coaching in Miami, adapting to the ACC talent, switching concepts on defense, defensive ideas, and many other basketball coaching topics.

Chris Caputo

Chris Caputo Podcast Quotes

“Having the gym available to the NBA players to come in and work has been really good. What’s been great about it is our players get to see the work these guys put in.”

“It’s shown our players . . this is how hard you’re going to have to work, even if you were to make it, to maintain your level of performance.”

“We figured we needed to get their elite big players away from the basket and the best way to do that was, obviously, to put them in a lot of pick and rolls.”

“If you start out switching, I wonder what messages you’re sending to your players . . but I do think if you can build that individual responsibility . . and we’ve got guys who’ll give good defensive effort . . then I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

“One of the reasons I kind of encourage switching to a lot of high school and youth coaches is because it allows you to focus on player development more on the offensive end . . It takes less teaching to teach a defense when you’re switching.”

“Skill on offense, no matter what we say about the importance of defense, is still the thing that attracts us most to a player.”

“The decision making is the most important part of it . . I do believe that you do have to build certain habits defensively . . but then once that has been developed, I think so much of it is understanding the decision making.”

“A lot of the biggest problems that can happen defensively are guys who over-help.”

“A lot of things, I believe, can be cleaned up defensively with positioning.”

“That discretion defensively, that decision making defensively does need to be earned.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being quiet off the court; there is something wrong with being quiet on the court . . you’ve got to be vocal.”

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Chris Caputo Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Challenges in Preparing to be a Head Coach
7:00 – Access to NBA players in Miami
12:00 – Challenges Competing in the ACC
17:00 – Switching Concepts
21:00 – Size is Overrated
23:00 – Decision Making Process on Defense
25:20 – Defensive Positioning and Guarding the Ball
26:00 – Communication Concepts
30:30 – Self-Organization
31:50 – Learn from the Game
33:00 – Developing Player’s Habits
40:00 – 1-on-1 Concepts
41:30 – Passion for the Game

43:00 – Decision Making
45:00 – Player Development
47:00 – Shot Selection
49:00 – Floor Spacing and Inbound Philosophy
51:20 – “You have no chance if you can’t defend”
52:00 – Comprehensive Stats and Scouting Balance

Chris Caputo Links:

Bio: https://hurricanesports.com/staff.aspx?staff=193

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/coach_c_caputo

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