The Basketball Podcast: E10 with Bobby Marlin on Practice Strategies

RELEASE DATE : 24/10/2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Bobby Marlin joins the podcast to discuss practice strategies and ideas that have built his program. Marlin is in his 8th season as Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns men’s basketball head coach. With his team competing at a championship level both on the floor and in the classroom, Bob Marlin enters his 12th season as head coach of the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns men’s basketball team in 2021-22.

Marlin, the 13th coach in the school’s storied history on the hardwood, has been at the helm of one of a squad which has made five postseason appearances, a school-record 27 wins in 2017-18 and a pair of Sun Belt Conference championships.

Career Record: 553-318 (27 seasons)
Career Division I Record: 430-283 (22 seasons)

At Louisiana (205-152; 12th season)
• 2018 Sun Belt Conference champions
• All-time leader in Sun Belt Conference victories (119)
• 2014 NCAA Tournament
• 2014 Sun Belt Conference Tournament Champions
• 2011 SBC West Division Champions
• Two-time Louisiana Coach of the Year (2014, 2018)
• 2018 Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year
• 2018 NABC District 24 Coach of the Year
• 2018, 2021 Skip Prosser Man of the Year Finalist
• 2018 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year Finalist
• 2018 Hugh Durham Coach of the Year Finalist
• Led Louisiana to a school-record 27 wins in 2017-18.

Bobby Marlin

Bobby Marlin Podcast Quotes

“Communicate every which way you can . . .. but I think the most important communication is still face-to-face.”

“We take a lot of pride in [player development] . . you know the old saying, ‘sometimes players should play one level below what they think their level is and two levels below what their parents think they should play.”

“Most great players want to be coached . . They want you to get in the gym and spend time with them and make them better.”

“You may have a team but when you have a great program, the older guys teach the younger guys and I love that about our culture.”

“We really work hard on pushing the basketball . . that’s something we emphasize in our very first practice . . it starts with good guard play and good decision making.”

“We love to run off corner threes . . because we think we’ve got the advantage already out of the starting blocks.”

“Everybody wants to play at a higher level, but if you can’t guard a smaller player, you’re going to have trouble playing at that level.”

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Bobby Marlin Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
1:40 – Never Stop Learning
2:40 – Basketball Philosophy
6:30 – Love
8:00 – Cohesion
10:30 – Player Development
14:00 – Coaching Your Best Players
14:30 – Talking about Offense
16:00 – The Dribble Pass Push
16:57 – Dominant Point Guards
17:30 – Where Players Go in the Traditional Trail?
20:00 – Never Calling Timeouts and Decision Making
21:00 – “Good in Transition on Offense should be Good in Transition on Defense”
21:55 – Good Offense starts with a Good Defense
22:15 – Corner Three’s
23:37 – 5 on 2 Drill, Advantage and Disadvantage Drills
29:30 – Coach Chris’s Favorite Advantage Disadvantage Drill
35:30 – Adapt and Change
36:20 – 5 on 2 Drill Adaptation
38:30 – Another Good Thing about the 5 on 2 Drill
40:00 – Matching Up Players
40:40 – Secondary Action Philosophy
42:20 – Freedom
44:55 – Looking into International Games
46:30 – Coach Bob’s Transitioning to become a Head Coach
48:10 – Coach Chris’s Experience before becoming a Head Coach

Bobby Marlin Links:

Bio: https://ragincajuns.com/coaches.aspx?rc=895

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/bobbymarlin

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