The Basketball Podcast: E06 1-on-1 with Mark Jablonski

July 13, 2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Coach Mark Jablonski discusses Basketball Decision Training with the creative mind behind Basketball Immersion, Chris Oliver.

Mark Jablonski is a former Division 1 collegiate basketball player from the University of Pennsylvania and was part of Penn’s run to the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen. He also holds a Certificate in Basketball Analytics from Sports Management Worldwide and has established a successful basketball player development practice based in New York City, working extensively with Coach Oliver at Breakthrough Basketball camps around North America.

  • “The focus is on every player catching being able to play offense.”
  • “. . BDT (Basketball Decision Training) can challenge both the new learner and the experienced learner at the same time.”
  • “For a player at a really high level, I would say the most significant impact we can make as a coach is on improving their decision making . . The basketball decision making concept brings that right to the forefront for a player.”
  • “How much can you improve your players in the context of the game? With skills that actually apply?”
  • “My evaluation for the week of practice happens after the next game because then I know if the stuff I’m working on actually transferred to the game.”
  • “Learning how to work out on your own is paramount for success.”
  • “The separator at the youth level is can you handle defensive pressure.”
  •  “It’s those unstructured moments that ultimately decide games and who can play in those unstructured moments.”
  • “Freedom is ultimately defined more by your teammates than your coach.”

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1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – How to Apply BDT
3:00 – Teaching Basketball Decision Training
5:00 – It all Starts from the Feet
6:00 – Building the Enjoyment
9:00 – Applying BDT to the Different Skill Levels
11:00 – Evaluating Skill
12:30 – Applying BDT to the NBA
15:00 – Example of application of BDT for NBA Players
16:45 – “I think it’s a Method of Practice…”
17:40 – Simulating the Game
19:00 – Add a Defender
20:00 – Making Decision in a Game
21:45 – Ball Pick-Up Concepts
23:39 – Maximizing Time on Tasks
25:00 – Access to Information
27:00 – Your Players are the Model for What the Teach
29:00 – Applying BDT for Individual Player Development
31:00 – Youth Basketball Coach
32:00 – Defining Effort to Players
33:30 – General Feedback is a Big Problem
34:31 – Finishing Moves
36:00 – Decision Making
38:00 – Giving Templates
40:20 – Giving Freedom
41:00 – Unstructured Moments
42:00 – 3 F’s of Basketball – Fun, Freedom and Focus
43:00 – Valuing FUN
44:00 – Defining Freedom in Shot Selection
47:00 – Giving Permission
47:40 – Negative Mentality
50:00 – Short and Long Term Focus
53:00 – Decision Before the Skill


Chris Oliver


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  1. Hi coach, do you have any more info on your footwork, ball pickup, and stab dribble concepts? Might be useful to know also how it fits in with the podcast of Coach Love on shooting and hand placement.

    • Yes, all are available on the membership website. Thanks for the question and interest.

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