The Basketball Podcast: E05 with Dave Love

July 11, 2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Dave Love. Coach Love has worked as an NBA shooting consultant with the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, as well as a number of other teams and national programs. He also has conducted shooting clinics around the world for over 10 years. The podcast discusses many aspects of shooting including technique, retention, and teaching shooting to pros vs. youth players.

  • “Everyone puts in a physical effort to get better and a lot of times the missing component is the mental effort — the awareness of what you are working on and the discipline to hold yourself to it.”
  • “We need to acknowledge . . It’s okay for the player to be selfish.  It’s a selfish act to shoot the basketball.”
  • “If the ball isn’t spinning purely, that’s an indicator that they’re not connecting to the right part of the ball as they’re releasing the ball.”
  • “I’m hoping that the idea of having shooting coaches continues to grow because I think we can be pretty valuable to helping head coaches win games.”
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0:00 – Introduction
2:00 – Is there a Perfect Shooting Technique?
3:00 – Non-Negotiable Things Apply to All Shooters Regardless of their Technique
3:30 – Shooting in the Middle of the Ball
8:00 – What can Players Do in the Absence of their Coach
11:00 – Parents and Shooting
12:00 – Shooting in Pre-Pubescent Age Group
15:30 – Building Retention
16:30 – Enjoyment in Building a Skill
20:00 – Effort in Development
22:00 – Shooting is an Unconscious Effort
22:30 – How do you Sell?
25:00 – Ego and Ability
27:40 – “What do you feel while Shooting?”
30:00 – The Meaning of “Squared Up”
31:10 – Bending Your Legs while Shooting
32:00 – Turning your Feet Away from your Target
34:00 – Modelling Shooting
36:00 – Is Klay Thompson Realistic to Simulate?
38:00 – Teaching Shooting Techniques at Youth Camps
40:30 – What Age should we focus on the Development of Shooting?
41:00- Redefining What is a Fundamental
44:00 – Focused-Effort and Boredom
46:00 – Solutions for Low Release
48:00 – Solution for No Backspin
50:00 – Every NBA team does not have a Shooting Coach
52:00 – Thoughts and Conclusion


Dave Love



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  1. Great podcast!! My belief is that players shoot the same shot every time. It all starts with footwork. It has to be consistent. I just want players to feel that rhythm. Using the same foot work on each shot accomplishes that.

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