The Basketball Podcast: E04 with Billy Wuczynski

RELEASE DATE : 21/09/2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Billy Wuczynski. Coach Wuczynski is the current assistant coach with Boston College, and head coach Jim Christian. The podcast starts with a discussion about unstructured offensive possessions and their value, and flows into many offensive topics including playing early and opposite in transition, 94 foot plays, a movement package, a family of plays.

  • “We believe if you can generate over 21 points per game in that kind of chaotic, unstructured situation, it makes good teams great and great teams unable to be beaten.”
  • “We really teach . . not just the play, we really teach how to play off that play.”
  • “When you’re playing with less talent, you’ve got to maximize your scoring . . because at some point you just can’t get stops against some of those great players you’re playing against.” 
  • “Our staff is extremely passionate about basketball. If you want your locker room to be right . . It better start in the front in your office.”
  • “Sometimes as coaches we cloud this thing up, we muddy it up . . at the end of the day it’s still hoop.” 
  • “It goes back to getting easy, unstructured buckets.  The easier and the more points you can score unstructured, it just makes your structure that much better.”

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1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – The value of playing within unstructured possession
5:10 – Offensive Concepts: Early and Opposite, and Flow
9:00 – Learning vs Competing Balance
9:30 – Individual Skill Development
10:40 – Movement Package
13:20 – “94 Foot” Plays
14:30 – Unstructured Moments
19:00 – Offensive Discussion
20:30 – Creating Unstructured Possessions
23:00 – The Recruiting Process
24:00 – Trust and being Transparent when Recruiting Players
27:00 – Recruiting “Hidden Gem” Players
28:00 – Basketball IQ
32:00 – Competing in the ACC
33:30 – Looking at the Statistics and Percentages
37:00 – Bad Points per Possession
39:00 – Putting in Specific Plays for the Opponents
43:00 – Introducing New Plays
44:30 – Verbal and Visual Cues, and a “Family of Plays”
48:00 – Conclusion


Bill Wuczynski



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