The Basketball Podcast: E03 with Guy Molloy on Developing Your Coaching

RELEASE DATE : 19/09/2018

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Guy Molloy. The podcast starts with a discussion about coaching in international competitions, and continues with an in-depth conversation about Guy’s 8 Things to Develop Your Coaching. Coach Molloy is the current New Zealand Women’s National Team Head Coach, and the head coach of  the Melbourne Boomers of the WNB. Previously he has coached in the NBL, the Australian Pro League, and the Under-17 and Under-21 FIBA World Cup Teams.

Guy Molloy had his first involvement in international basketball, with the Australian Opals acting as assistant coach from 1989–1994.[8] During this time, he was on board during both the 1990 and 1994 FIBA World Championship tournaments.

In 2009, Molloy was appointed as head coach of the Australia U-17 Men’s team, leading into the inaugural FIBA Under-17 World Championship in 2010. Following Australia’s sixth place finish in 2010, Molloy was reappointed leading into the next tournament in 2012. Here, Molloy coached a Dante Exum-led team to a silver medal.

Summary of the Guy Molloy 8 Things to Develop Your Coaching


  • a way of living that elevates you above your daily pressures or worries)
  • provides a foundation for your leadership/mentoring
  • build perspective beyond W’s and L’s


  • A-B-C/1-2-3
  • A-Always
  • B-Build
  • C-Culture (or Confidence)
  • 1-2-3 (priorities, can’t do everything)


  • what is important to you?
  • cut deeply, not broadly
  • master it


  • athletic (coaches need to learn fundamentals of human movement)
  • technical
  • tactical
  • strategic 


  • I wanted to be a teacher first, not a recruiter or motivator first
  • we’re a teaching program
  • prompt, praise, leave
  • teach in 3’s (simple rules)


  • develop your curriculum (takes time)
  • reflect & evaluate (Wooden)
  • video and mike everything (didn’t realise the bad communication habits until I committed to this)


  • plan A, plan B, plan C
  • teach off the whiteboard at practise


  • focus on us, not them
  • cover the important stuff
  • learn via curriculum 
  • in FIBA ball, know their BLOB’s

Listen Here:

Guy Molloy Breakdown:

1:00 – Introduction
2:00 – The Phase of the Game Means
4:00 – Formatting the Offensive Game
5:12 – Emphasizing the 8-second shot clock
7:10 – Coaching Internationally
11:00 – Robust Style of Game Plan
12:30 – Individual Differences
14:00 – Adjusting to Playing with a Traditional Post Player
16:00 – Adjustments to a Unique and Talented Player.
18:00 – Conceptually Based Approach to the Game that are Adaptable
19:00 – What Robust Means
21:00 – Challenges, Similarities or Consistencies that exists when Coaching Men and Women
24:00 – Exposed to Players Different Personalities
27:40 – How do Coaches Improve?
30:30 – Competition will Drive You or will Distract You
33:00 – Finding Inner Peace in Competition
36:30 – Recording Every Practice and Self-Reflection
37:50 – Leadership and Culture
40:40 – Love Being There
45:01 – What’s your Game Knowledge Like?
48:00 – Importance of Physical Literacy
50:00 – Coaching Development
53:00 – Teaching Method
55:15 – “Sandwich Method” for Corrections
57:00 – Correction is Positive, it’s not Criticism
58:45 – “Keep and Add” Strategy
1:00:00 – Working Quickly through Practice Planning
1:02:00 – Training Problems and Solutions
1:03:38 – Game Coaching
1:08:00 – Scouting
1:12:00 – “Less is More”

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