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"Basketball Immersion has proven to be an invaluable resource for me both as a coach and as an individual skill developer. The individual skill based and team drills and concepts that you have shared with the members have contributed greatly to my growth and learning. I love the mix drills and international flavour (creative offensive movements in particular) that your current project is providing."

Steve Maga Steve Maga
Maga Basketball

"I have always respected Coach Oliver as one of the top basketball minds and have had the pleasure of informally picking his brain about the game many times.  Basketball Immersion provides me the opportunity to continue to learn from him whenever I need a quick idea, concept, drill or set.  He provides a fresh approach to skill development and many of his progressions and concepts show up in my practices on a daily basis.  I highly recommend his service to coaches of all ages as it should provide many useful tools to make your players better."

Nate McGibbon Nate McGibbon
Head Coach Mount Royal University

"Basketball Immersion is a great resource for coaches of all levels. It is awesome to be able to post a question and get feedback from coaches from all over the world. The information Basketball Immersion provides is pertinent to today’s game and easy to follow, as I was able to use it immediately with my teams."

Aaron Brouwer Aaron Brouwer
Basketball BC Coach

"I love learning and coaching, but as a new coach I don't have the money, resources or time to improve my coaching. When I joined Basketball Immersion I couldn't believe how many videos and resources were available to me. I even emailed Coach Oliver some questions and he responded. It feels like I have a personal mentor to help stimulate and improve my coaching."

Bob Barwick, Chatham-Kent High School

"Basketball Immersion helped to challenge me to become a better coach and expand my knowledge and approach. My players loved the new ideas I adopted from Coach Oliver. His approach to teaching combined with his commitment to getting players to think the game had a huge impact on helping me reshape my own philosophy."

Aaron Fernandez, Tuscola Basketball

"The membership site has been instrumental in allowing myself to grow as a coach. It has brought new and innovative ideas to the players I coach. One of the most valuable tools provided by Basketball Immersion is the members only Mastermind Group as I know I will get a quick response from both Coach Oliver and other like-minded coaches.  Basketball Immersion is a must for coaches at any level who want to stimulate their thinking and grow."

Paul Robertson, Flamborough Fire Basketball Club

"I have had three teams this season---11u, 14u, and 15u---and not a single one of my previous teams have improved as much as these three teams have throughout the season. The drills and concepts from Basketball Immersion have made for a significant portion of what we've done. I was able to provide that kind of experience to my kids in large part because of Basketball Immersion."

Paul Cortes, Bay City Basketball

"As a veteran coach I am really enjoying the membership site. The passion for the game, expertise and enthusiasm for passing along your successful teaching strategies are all very apparent and motivating. The sharing the Mastermind Group provides an incredibly quick way to refine and validate ideas I am thinking of using at my next practice."

Katie Spears, Crossover Basketball

"Our players loved training with Zero Seconds and Basketball Decision Training. The player demonstrations and explanations by Coach Oliver made it easy to teach. Learning from game footage and full access clinics and practices helped me understand the concepts and how to apply them quickly in my coaching."

Peter Graham, Timmins High School


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