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Using the lessons of this manual, you will be able to apply the Basketball Decision Training (BDT) and Zero Seconds in your coaching and get excellent results.

What this manual will teach you

How to apply the BDT mind training and Zero Seconds skills training in your team and individual practices.  It is a comprehensive and advanced guide suitable for both beginners and advanced.

The 5 most important things you will learn:

How to sequence your teaching of BDT and Zero Seconds including a day-by-day plan from the Breakthrough Basketball camps.
How we create learning opportunities that help our athletes to improve their decision-making skills, not just their technical skills. 
The teaching points that make BDT and Zero Seconds skills effective.
How we teach skills training focused on improving ball skills (dribbling, ballhandling, passing, shooting) in fast-paced and rhythmic learning opportunities.
The philosophy behind our teaching that is immersed in practical applications and research that all crossover to provide an effective and efficient learning experience for each player.
Click Here To Get The Manual For Free >>

100% secure. We never share your email.
More than 10,000 people have already downloaded this manual and improved their coaching using what they learned about what and how we teach basketball. They were open-minded and interested in stimulating their coaching with some new ideas.
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Chris has 23 years of university coaching experience. For the last 14 years he has been head coach at the University of Windsor where he has won over 300 games, and compiled a .750 winning percentage. Oliver has also coached a Canadian team of professional players to the prestigious Jones Cup international basketball tournament championship, winning gold in 2018. In addition, he has consulted for NBA, NCAA, high school and club basketball organizations around the world.

Chris Oliver is the founder of and The Basketball Podcast with Chris Oliver

As an expert in basketball decision training, he coaches, trains and mentors, coaches maximize their players' potential and enjoyment of practices and games.

What he is most passionate about in his work is sharing evidence based coaching ideas that can stimulate your coaching to get better results.The goal is to improve your player retention and transfer of the things you teach to performance. You can learn more about concepts like messy learning, constraints based coaching, maximizing active learning time, adding decision-making to drills, and much more in the numerous blogs he shares at

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"Coach Oliver had a fantastic grasp of the content they were teaching and did an outstanding job explaining not only what they wanted the kids to do but why.”

Barry G., Los Angeles

"The training addressed aspects of basketball training not seen at other camps. The progression of drills was fantastic. Very easy to understand at all age levels.”

Helen A., Cedar Rapids

"During the school year my two daughters are taught not to think and to doubt their skills. It made them feel great to be free to think and learn. I love Coach Oliver’s approach not just for what they learned but most importantly how it made my girl’s feel."

Donna F., Jacksonville

“In only three days I could see improvement in my player's performance. The drills blended great and all represented real game situations.”

Jeff D., Nemarket

"My players loved that they were encouraged to make mistakes. They tested themselves, tried new things without worrying or over-thinking. By the end of the first day, they were already playing more freely."

Steve P., Baltimore

A Message from Coach Oliver
I believe smart coaches and players who want to improve MUST use their time efficiently and effectively. After all how can you find the time to improve your coaching while balancing your life and your basketball commitments… while working a full-time job?… while being a student?… while searching through the disorganized free basketball resources the internet provides a coach?

Instead of digging through hundreds of books and webpages, spending tons of money of videos and clinics, reading thousands of academic research papers, and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts." 

…become a year-long member to Basketball Immersion (at such a low cost), and you’ll get a one-stop development experience from someone who has done a lot of the work for you…PROVEN tactics and strategies from a proven coach that I guarantee will stimulate your coaching.

And as a BONUS you can contact Coach Chris Oliver with questions or to seek advice on whatever the tactics or strategies you are considering are the right ones for yourself or your team. 
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