Shooting Drill

Teaching Shooting

Teaching Shooting: Camp Series

May 02, 2018No Comments

In this extended video you will be able to follow how we teach shooting concepts using our one foot hop concept to basketball campers. The

Shooting Practice

Advice from an NBA Shooting Coach: Random v...

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There is a great idea out there that coaches need to implement in their shooting practice, but they need to be careful how they are

2-on-1 Advantage Shooting

2-on-1 Shooting

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Most effective offense vs. effective defense comes down to a 2-on-1 advantage in the half-court. To develop our players concept of attacking and defending a

Shooting Workout

Shooting Form Workout

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We use these form shooting drills to develop our players form, rhythm and habits. Shooting Philosophy Shooting is an individual skill. The action of getting

Drew Hanlen Basketball Drills

Drew Hanlen Basketball Drills for Team Shoo...

Apr 28, 2016No Comments

NBA skills coach Drew Hanlen presented teaching points and basketball drills that you can apply to your coaching at a Basketball Manitoba coaching clinic. This

Two Ball Handoff Shooting

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Two Ball Hand-Off Shooting works on ball skills at the same time a player runs a game-like dribble hand-off before they take a shot. This drill can

Run and Shoot Drill

Mar 02, 2016No Comments

The Run and Shoot Drill is a two player shooting warm-up that is chaotic by intention. Partners work together to make a certain number of shots.

Continuous Movement Shooting

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The Continuous Movement Shooting is a shooting drill in which players are constantly in movement. A number of shooting or scoring sequences can be incorporated to

Contested Side Dribble Shooting

Feb 17, 2016No Comments

We add a component of pressure to Side Dribble Shooting by adding a defender whose goal is the block the shot. The concept of preparing

Side Dribble Shooting

Feb 17, 2016No Comments

We use side dribble shooting to work on dribbling, fighting for your feet, ball pick-up and shooting. It is a mix drill that challenges a