Responsible Coaching

Preparing for a Head Coaching Position

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Whether you are an assistant preparing to become a head coach or interested in moving to your next level as a head coach, a little

Responsible Coaching: What Is It

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Everyone wants to win, and that is certainly an important goal for many coaches, but it should not be the only goal. Positive Coaches embrace the idea

Responsible Coaching: Risk Management Consi...

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Risk management allows organizations to identify and assess possible sources of harm, and take steps to decrease or prevent it from occurring. It must include

Responsible Coaching – Feedback and t...

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This concept, developed by the Positive Coaching Alliance, focuses coaches on providing truthful, specific praise in combination with constructive criticism to ensure that kids stay

Responsible Coaching: ELM and Nervous is Na...

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ELM stands for Effort, Learning and Mistakes. Players progress toward mastery of their sport as long as they exert maximum Effort, continually Learn and bounce