5-on-5 Two Trips with a Self-Toss Offensive...

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Start your 5-on-5 full-court trips with different starts to emphasize different concepts within your offense and defense. In this example we work on our offensive

Offensive Rebounding Intensity Drill

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The Offensive Rebounding Intensity Drill is used to teach players how to use the “21 Position Rip” technique after an offensive rebound. The drill progresses

3-on-2/4-on-3 Shooting

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3-on-2 and 4-on-3 Shooting is an advantage-disadvantage drill that works on many aspects of offense and defense. It was originally introduced to me by Guy Molloy

Offensive Rebounding System

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A team offensive rebounding system is explained using game examples. Favorite2

5-on-5 Closeout Rebounding into Two Trips

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Closeout Rebounding begins the competitive trips out of a closeout and rebound situation. The offense scores they get a point and the defense converts to

Offensive Rebounding: Spacing to the Three-...

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Teams should have a plan and philosophy on offensive rebounds. Spacing to the three-point line to create spacing and kick out opportunities is a common