50 Trips vs. Pressure

Mar 15, 20152 Comments

50 Trips is an individual dribbling and ball skill development challenge. It involves 50 fullcourt trips of the court while performing various dribbling challenges.

Circle Trap

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

Circle Trap is an offensive and defensive mix drill. It challenges players to be ball tough on offense and defensive tough. Favorite2

The Value of Denying on Defense

Mar 09, 2016No Comments

The following video will demonstrate the value of denying on defense in various situations. A team that is denying well can prevent an offense from being

Steal the Ball with BDT

Oct 16, 2015No Comments

Steal the ball is used to develop a dribblers ability to dribble vs. pressure. It is a simple challenge that can be made more game

Press Break Principles Before Teaching Pres...

Sep 15, 2015No Comments

I am going to use Quick Hitters to respond to questions I have gotten from coaches. I want to help as much as possible with real

Trail Trap: 2-on-2

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

2-on-2 Trail Trap works on the situation where the dribbler is turned and the closest weak side defender traps the ball.   Favorite2

Trail Trap: When the Inbounder Clears Out

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

When the inbounder clears out the closest weak side defender becomes the trapper in the Trail Trap. Coach Oliver explains this common situation and how

Trail Trap: The Geometry of Recovery

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

Understanding how to recovery is important. The offense is unpredictable so the defense will have to be effective at recovering and covering up for mistakes.

Trail Trap: Team Edits

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

Learn as the University of Windsor Basketball Team uses the Trail Trap with explanations from Coach Oliver. Favorite0

Trail Trap: Covering the Deepest Pass

Aug 26, 2015No Comments

The back end defender’s are essential to making the Trail Trap effective. Coach Oliver explains how to cover the deepest pass. Favorite0