Kingsville Practice Video #1

Sep 03, 2016No Comments

How to Run the First Practice of the Season? If your players are new to many of the concepts like Zero Seconds and Basketball Decision

4-on-4 Tag

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Tag is used to create a penetration reaction situation in any drill you want. In this example, after a ball reversal the defender on the ball

4-on-4 Rotations Explained

Jul 23, 2016No Comments

Defensive techniques and tactics are explained using a 4-on-4 rotations drill from a training camp practice with the University of Windsor team. Defensive Concepts Covered:

Basketball Practices

How to Improve your Basketball Practices

Dec 21, 20152 Comments

Many of you coach with limited available practice time. You only have access to a couple of practice slots a week. Or you only have

Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart

Aug 05, 20155 Comments

Some Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart To Get You Started To achieve success, you need to get your team on the same page that you are

Greeting to Start Practice

Mar 17, 2015No Comments

Coach Oliver discusses methods for starting practice including the initial greeting of players. Edits from the Brantford One-Person-Clinic featuring information on philosophy, practice planning, games

Practice Duration and Sending them Home on ...

Mar 17, 2015No Comments

The length of practice is sometimes dictated by the practice time available however sometimes the coach can manipulate the practice duration to impact intensity, concentration

3-on-3 vs. an X-Out: Valiants Practice Part...

Feb 03, 2015No Comments

Coach Oliver ran a practice for the 14-15 year old girls Valiants Basketball Club. The practice focused on developing penetration and cutting decision making. The

Philosophy: Riverside Practice Part 1

Feb 03, 2015No Comments

The philosophy of what was going to be taught and how it was going to be taught was presented to the learners. Coach Oliver ran

Practice Planning: Likes and Don’t Li...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments

Practical ideas about what works and does not work in practice planning and execution are discussed. Edits from the Art and Science of Coaching class