Player Development

Developing Gather Finishes

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Developing finishes through a constraint-based approach differs to the traditional skill development approach because the coach/trainer does not immediately step in or ask the player

Basketball Training Equipment

The Use of Basketball Training Equipment

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The use of basketball training equipment such as cones, tennis balls and training mats in work-outs and practices is a frequently debated topic. If a

Post Penetration Reaction or Neutral 2-on-1...

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Post Penetration Reaction or Neutral is an example of ‘positional pairing’ where different positional players work together in a workout. Traditional work-outs separate players by

Developing Basketball Finishing Moves

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Finishing moves at the basket are a critical skill in the modern game. Developing finishing moves and solutions can lead to better offensive players. So

Skills Training

Basketball Skills Training and Player Devel...

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In recent years, there has been considerable growth in the basketball skills training and player development industry. There are many great basketball skills trainers and

Skate Dribbles with Octopus

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In this video, the skate dribble is combined with the “Octopus” concept previously shared by Chris Oliver. An octopus is a stationary defender positioned approximately

Jay Hernandez

The Basketball Podcast: EP119 Jay Hernandez

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In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Charlotte Hornets assistant coach Jay Hernandez joins the Basketball Podcast to discuss individual and team NBA player development. Jay

Player Led Development

Player Led vs. Team Development

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This online clinic discusses the difference between player led and team development. To maximize team development a coach should focus practice time on connecting skills