Mahmoud Abdelfattah

Masterclass with Mahmoud Abdelfattah

May 20, 2020Comments off

NBA G-League head coach Mahmoud Abdelfattah shared insights into the Houston Rockets analytics driven offense. Game clips and slides are presented to demonstrate how their

Wing Play

Wing Basketball Set Play

Dec 19, 2019Comments off

Game footage, and full video animation explanations, are provided in this video. The Wing play is designed to work with the Two Side Fast Break,

Wing Play

MasterClass Wing Basketball Play

Dec 19, 2019Comments off

A play that can be added to your playbook is discussed in this masterclass. Wing can be run out of multiple alignments, and can create

Stack Out

Stack Out Offense

Nov 22, 2019Comments off

Stack Out is a simple and effective entry into various offensive actions. We used it to create a wing entry, or to distort the defense,

In Play

Oct 03, 2019Comments off

The “In” Play is used to hide a player. Players are positioned 3 along the baseline, and a player in the high post. We want

Pacer 1-4 High Plays

Sep 12, 2019Comments off

This video demonstrates three plays we have run out of 1-4 high alignment. In our play call system Pacer is an over and under cut

Wide Offense

Wide Basketball Offense

Mar 21, 2019No Comments

The Wide Basketball Offense starts with five players on the perimeter. Various entry actions cue a screen away that can be used as a primary

Dribble At

Dribble At Play

Oct 17, 2018No Comments

Dribble At is an offensive action that is run towards the Two Side. It compliments the Two Side Fast Break as the spacing is the

Nate Oats

The Basketball Podcast: E08 with Nate Oats

Jul 25, 20181 Comment

In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Nate Oats joins the podcast. Oats is beginning his fourth season as the head basketball coach at the State

Marquette Basketball Secondary Offense

Marquette Basketball Offense

May 13, 2018No Comments

The Marquette basketball offense is outlined with clinic notes from head coach Steve Wojciechowski, and a video edit created by Basketball Immersion. Coach Wojciechowski outlined