Back Pivot

Teaching the Back Pivot: Camp Series

Dec 21, 20171 Comment

In this extended video you will be able to follow how we teach the Back Pivot basketball scoring move to basketball campers. The video will

Back Pivot

How to Teach the Back Pivot Basketball Scor...

Dec 21, 2017No Comments

The back pivot is used to create space. Why is this important to understand? The goal of the offense is to score. The easiest way

Quick Ups

Jul 29, 2015No Comments

Quick Ups is a method of working on finishing around the rim. It challenges the shooter to get the ball to the rim as fast

Lay-Up Progression

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The Lay-Up Progression is a method of training footwork and finishing around the basket. Favorite2

Long Lay-Up Progression

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The Long Lay-Up Progression develops the ability to finish around the rim from various take-off points and distances. Shots inside and outside the body are

A Summary of How to Teach Shooting with Hol...

May 10, 2015No Comments

To save you time, here is my summary of Are You Sure We Teach the Shooting by Holger Geschwindner, so you can watch the specific things that