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Basketball Training Equipment

The Use of Basketball Training Equipment

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The use of basketball training equipment such as cones, tennis balls and training mats in work-outs and practices is a frequently debated topic. If a


Masterclass with Francesco Rossi

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Francesco Rossi is the Youth Coordinator of College Basket in Italy. College Basket is one of the top programs in Italy with numerous players produced

Teaching Same Play 5-on-5 in Different Loca...

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In this clinic outtake I demonstrate teaching a new sideline inbound play 5-on-5, and then adapting it to use the same play for baseline inbound,

Teaching a New Play 5-on-5

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Teaching a new play out of 5-on-5 demonstrates how it is possible to skip the 5-on-0, and get right to the game-like context. The benefits

Terry Fowler

The Basketball Podcast: EP41 Terry Fowler

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In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, South Alabama head women’s basketball coach Terry Fowler joins the podcast to discuss changing the way you practice and

Jake Scott

The Basketball Podcast: E09 with Jake Scott

Jul 27, 20181 Comment

In this basketball coaching conversation, Coach Jake Scott asks questions, and discusses, a games approach to coaching with the creative mind behind Basketball Immersion, Chris

Two Trips

5-on-5 2 Trips Games Approach

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Using a games approach to coaching we demonstrate how we teach, develop and work on our fast break concepts. This includes two side fast break

Games Approach

Games Approach to Coaching Basketball

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  “Technical ability cannot be assessed or considered outside of a tactical context” – Fergus Connolly   Seeking effective ways to foster learning of game


5-on-5 Two Trips with a Self-Toss Offensive...

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Start your 5-on-5 full-court trips with different starts to emphasize different concepts within your offense and defense. In this example we work on our offensive

Games Approach BOB

Teach Baseline Inbound Using a Games Approa...

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This is a demonstration of how we teach an inbound play 5-on-5. We discuss offensive and defensive concepts as we introduce the play for the