Game Preparation

Francesco Nanni

Masterclass with Francesco Nanni on Scoutin...

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Italian professional coach Francesco Nanni joins the masterclass to share ideas on a modern approach to game preparation and scouting.  Nanni covers topics such as

Game Preparation and Scouting Report Ideas

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Below are a number of learning resources to stimulate your thinking about game preparation and scouting reports. 2-on-2 Ball Screen We use 2-on-2 Ball Screen

Game Day Card

Basketball Game Coaching: What’s on Y...

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Ever since Stan Van Gundy explained his game day pocket card on the Basketball Podcast I have gotten asked for more ideas. I decided to

Coach Dave Paulsen

The Basketball Podcast: E01 with Coach Dave...

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In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, we are joined by Dave Paulsen. Coach Paulsen is head coach of the George Mason University men’s basketball program.