First Step

Ball Drop One-on-One

Teaching Ball Drop One-on-One

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Back Drop One-on-One works on developing the stab dribble concept that can be used on a first step in basketball. If you don’t teach the

Stab Dribble

The Stab Dribble Basketball First Step

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Players often teach us what we should be teaching. This is the case for the stab dribble. I always taught first step jab, and first

Stab Dribble

How to Teach the Stab Dribble: Camp Series

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In this extended video you will be able to follow how we teach the stab dribble first step basketball concept to basketball campers. The video

2-on-2 Closeouts

In and Out 2-on-2 Closeouts

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This small-sided game can develop a number of offensive and defensive concepts. Offensive concepts include: Attacking closeouts, zero seconds skills, basketball decision training decisions, using a

Penetration Reaction

2-on-0 Penetration Reaction

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Two players work together using a “push” or “pull” concept, and applying our zero seconds skill concepts. Two players work together around the three-point line

Full Court Penetration

Full-Court Penetration Reaction

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This full-court penetration drill works on penetration reaction spacing, first step attacks, passing and catching, and team concepts. To introduce penetration concepts combine with 2-on-0 Penetration

Behind the Back Dribble Counter

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Coach Oliver uses game footage and game video to explain why he emphasizes the behind the back dribble as the counter on first step.

First Step: The Off-Season Plan

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First Step is developed through a series of ‘fight for your feet’ exercises. An Off-Season plan for individual skill development is outlined for the players

Clap One-on-One (With Sound)

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Clap One-on-One is a method of working on first step. It builds on the concepts developed in Blind One-on-One. It can be played with the

One Foot Hops into First Step into a Shot

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The First Step Series develops the first step an offensive player takes with the ball after a catch. The goal is to develop fundamentals and