Decision Training

3-on-2 Decision-Making MasterClass

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In this MasterClass we discuss how to breakdown offensive concepts to stimulate decision-making possibilities using 3-on-2 advantage disadvantage drills. There are a number of membership


3-on-2 Quicks

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One of the methods we used to develop “possibilities” out of our Quick series was to move backward in our teaching. Using whole-part-whole teaching methods

Game Coach

Become a Better Basketball Game Coach by Do...

May 31, 20191 Comment

How do we, as coaches, work on our “game” to improve as a game coach? The easy answer is to coach more games. The second

Perceptual Layups

Advanced Perceptual Layup Basketball Finish...

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Since the game is messy, and requires unique solutions on each layup attempt, I wanted to create a layup practice drill that simulates this. The

Camp Series

Teaching 3-on-2 Shooting: Camp Series

Sep 01, 20183 Comments

In this extended video you will be able to follow how we teach 3-on-2 shooting to campers. Note that we teach this as the second

Coaching U Decision-Making

How to Add Decision-Making to Any Basketbal...

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Coaching U is the most comprehensive coaching program, featuring world class speakers and championship coaches from around the world. I was honoured to be able

Back Pivot

Teaching BDT: Camp Series

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In this extended video you will be able to follow how we teach Basketball Decision Training (BDT) to basketball campers. The video will provide what


Complete Learning Guide to BDT

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Not sure what Basketball Decision Training is? Or how it can help you? Watch this complete training video to give you an overview of the

Shoot or Drive

Teaching the Shoot or Drive Basketball Deci...

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The shoot or drive basketball decision is hard to teach. It is even harder to help a player conceptualize. I want to show you how

Two Side Shooting

2-on-1 Off the Two Side

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The Two Side Fast Break spaces the floor by positioning two players on one side of the floor on the 45 and corner spacing spots.