Basketball Mental Toughness

How to Develop Mental Toughness with Consta...

May 18, 2017No Comments

“Talent is a piece of the performance puzzle, but a small piece.” – Penny Werthner If you ask coaches they would probably rate mental toughness

The Value of Teaching With One-On-One Drill...

Jul 09, 20161 Comment

Individual development drills are great tools for learning, but one-on-one drills are better tools. The value of teaching with one-on-one drills is that your players

Basketball Shooting

Why We Only Use One Shooting Drill in Pract...

Dec 14, 20153 Comments

Have you ever seen a shooting drill where very few shots are actually taken? I have. I have seen some pretty impressive drills. Players moving

Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart

Aug 05, 20155 Comments

Some Coaching Thoughts from Dave Smart To Get You Started To achieve success, you need to get your team on the same page that you are

Make Your Practices More Game Like – ...

Jun 10, 20152 Comments

Using a games sense approach to coaching basketball is a consistent theme of Basketball Immersion and can help you make your practices more game like. Player-centred

Skating One-on-One

May 01, 2015No Comments

Skating One-on-One is a competitive way to work on change of pace attacks off of a skate dribble. Favorite6

Lateral One-on-One

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Lateral One-on-One is a method of applying the lateral dribble moves and counters in  game-like setting. In this example the one-on-one starts after the second

Clap One-on-One (With Sound)

May 01, 2015No Comments

Clap One-on-One is a method of working on first step. It builds on the concepts developed in Blind One-on-One. It can be played with the

Three Ideas to Increase and Maintain Intens...

Apr 06, 20152 Comments

A goal of this blog is to provide specific and practical insights into current coaching dilemmas.  By no means do I have all the answers

Three Dribbles Backward Challenged Shot Dri...

Apr 06, 2015No Comments

The Backward Challenged Shot Drill forces the offensive player to develop their preparation to shoot quicker, both in fighting for their feet faster and in