32 Defense: Communication Plan

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Coach Oliver teaches the 32 Zone Defense to his university team. You can follow the teaching points and teaching methods to teach the 32 zone

How and Why to Create an Email Newsletter

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One of the most effective things I have done to connect with my basketball program’s followers is to send an email newsletter. I believe you do

Transition Defense

Defensive Transition: Everything You Ever W...

May 29, 20152 Comments

I originally started writing this blog as a summary of a FIBA Coaching Library video on Defensive Transition by Andrej Lemanis. Coach Lemanis is the

Q&A: How to Build the Coach-Athlete Re...

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Question: Basketball Immersion member Paul had this question: Hey Coach. I was just watching a couple of your clinic videos and I noticed a couple

Communication to Help Yourself on Defense (...

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The use of cue words is a key psychological strategy to help players communicate and focus on their defensive responsibilities. Edits from the Brantford One-Person-Clinic

Chaos and Communication: Riverside Practice...

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The ability to communicate in chaotic game like situations is emphasized. Coach Oliver ran a practice for the 11-12 year old boys Riverside Basketball Club.

Sport Psychology and Coaching: Value of Com...

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Edits from the Art and Science of Coaching class taught in the Faculty of Human Kinetics at the University of Windsor.   Favorite0