Teaching Connecting Transfer

Teaching, Connecting, Transfer, Virtual Coa...

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I participated in the online coaches clinic. I shared ideas on The Three Phases of Coaching: Teaching, Connecting, and Transfer. In addition to the content

Supclinic Presentation

Sweden Supclinic Presentation

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I travelled to Sweden to help launch a player development plan called Svensk Baskets Player Development. This is my presentation to coaches and administrators at

Coaches Clinic

Tasman Coaches Clinic Presentation

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I was the keynote presenter at the 2020 Tasman Coaches Clinic in Albury, Australia with more than 150 coaches taking the opportunity to observe a

Sweden Clinic Part 1

Sweden Clinic Presentation: BDT and Small-S...

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This presentation was Part 1 of a clinic I ran for coaches from the Swedish Basketball Federation. The content and the lecture was put together


C-Cut Secondary Offense

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The C-Cut Secondary Offense is designed to create a method for one ball reversal prior to the primary action. If the defensive coverage allows for

One Day Brantford Coaching Clinic Notes

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I did a one day clinic in Brantford, Ontario that covered a variety of topics. I wanted to share my notes with you. I have included s a

A Summary of Developing Players’ Deci...

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“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” – Charlie Munger   I know sometimes it is difficult