2-on-1 to 1-on-1

2-on-1 Quicks into 1-on-1

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Quicks, or are what are commonly called “gets,” can be used to create an advantage out of a two player action. A quick is a

Ball Drop One-on-One

Teaching Ball Drop One-on-One

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Back Drop One-on-One works on developing the stab dribble concept that can be used on a first step in basketball. If you don’t teach the

Penetration Reaction On Air to Live

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In an attempt to “marry” on air practice and live offense vs. defense practice, I created this method of working on penetration reaction using on

How to Use Octopus to Improve your One-on-O...

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In some of my one-on-one drills I have added an “Octopus.” An octopus is a stationary defender positioned approximately one pass away in a gap.

Shoulder Game MasterClass

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Basketball Immersion Masterclass:Topic #11 Shoulder Game Using progressive loading, desirable difficulties are added to Shoulder Game. This, and more, are discussed in this MasterClass.  Watch

CP3 1v1

CP3 One-on-One

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CP3 is a dribble move where the ball handler changes their positioning using a hard dribble and hip turn. The positioning changes from a shoulder

Reasons Why Lose Possession

Reasons Why Lose Possession in our 1-on-1 C...

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Basketball Immersion Members Only MasterClass #1 Tuesday, May 7, 2019 Favorite11

Stab Dribble

The Stab Dribble Basketball First Step

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Players often teach us what we should be teaching. This is the case for the stab dribble. I always taught first step jab, and first

Advantage Disadvantage

How to Teach Players to Read Advantage and ...

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We use one-on-one drills to teach our players how to read advantage and disadvantage. We define advantage as any time an offensive player has a

Back Drop

Back Drop Blind 1-on-1 to 3-on-3

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As I demonstrated in Back Drop Blind 1-on-1 we use this drill to work on our players ability to attack and counter off of a