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Basketball Conditioning

Basketball Conditioning and the Specificity of Tra...

Jun 25, 2018
Chris Oliver

No form of practice is more basketball specific than playing basketball. This statement influences what I coach, how I coach, and our basketball conditioning philosophy. Like many coaches I don’t have a full time strength and conditioning coach. For off-season

Basketball Shot Selection

Basketball Shot Selection and the Use of Questions

Jun 02, 2018
Chris Oliver

Basketball shot selection is an individual players’ decision that is defined by the individual, coach or team. For an individual player shot selection is their ability to recognize what is going on in a possession, know the shot options available

Marquette Basketball Secondary Offense

Marquette Basketball Offense

May 13, 2018
Chris Oliver

The Marquette basketball offense is outlined with clinic notes from head coach Steve Wojciechowski, and a video edit created by Basketball Immersion. Coach Wojciechowski outlined Marquette’s missed shot offense, and what he calls their after action offense. The missed shot

360-Degree Feedback

Using 360-Degree Feedback to Enhance Your Coaching

Apr 17, 2018
Chris Oliver

Coaches can use 360-degree feedback to enhance their coaching. In this blog sport psychology researcher Matt Hoffmann highlights how 360-degree feedback can be a useful process to help coaches and their teams be more effective. Matt’s suggestions are based on

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